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Fremont, Ca meteorite?

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I recently acquired a metal detector and while testing it out in my back yard I received a target and decided to dig it up. I was expecting lose change or an old nail but found a very heavy "rock" I brought it inside and rinsed it off, only removing the mud and such by rubbing it with my hands. The "rock" can be picked up by a rare earth magnet and acts just like a piece of iron. I think it may be a meteorite as the only other explanation is that the previous owner of my house set off some termite, or had a iron melting kiln in my backyard.

Additionally there have been a few reports of minor fireballs in the area, such as this one: http://mail.sott.net/articles/show/159643-Fremont-California-Fireball-Meteor-Sighting

I live due south of milpitas CA....

Attached are pictures of the find, could you guys tell me if it is possibly a meteorite? Also would it be ok to clean it more thoroughly with a brass bristle brush to remove the rest of the dirt and rust or would that make it less valuable?








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