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Hey guys im new to darby montana and since im stuck here for another year doing college i figured i mite as well on my weekends try and metal detect here when im not in libby. Just wondering if anyone knows of any old gold mines around here or placier gold found near Darby or on West Fork just south of Darby. Thanks


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try www.geocommunicator. gov it should help you out just takes a while to figure out the info they privide and its not real up to date so use caution.

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Jeremiah, I've got an old book on Montana ghost towns and mines here in the house somewhere... I'll see if I can dig it up and see if it might have some info for you...

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Just some info for you to peruse if you haven't found it yet.

Looks like the area down in the Bitteroot is called the Mineral Point Mining District.

Geology of the Bitteroot

Montana DEQ info

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Ghost Towns and Mining Districts of Montana by Terry Halden gives pretty general locations on mines in the area, type,who discovered, when in operation. The west fork of the Bitteroot around Woods Cr was the only thing mentioned in the area your talking about but lots of stuff over the top on the Deerlodge side. Bear in mind there was an awful lot of discoveries that were never recorded for whatever reasons or were lost to time. Really good area where your at and the big hole over the pass is really a neat area. You can always find out from the locals who the resident miners --prospectors are and maybe grill them a little. the book mentioned above has a quote you might want to keep in mind though---

"A mine is a hole in the ground,owned by a liar"

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Howdy Jeremiah.

Dang , I shod alot of horses up in Libby and Troy. I lived in Libby for 6 or 7 years.

Anyhow, do you know Nevin Zugg,? he's an outfitter in Libby. I do believe he was raised out in that part of the country. And he likes to B.S. he might have a few ideas of places to hunt.

I just wanted to add, as montana matt knows, but any other fellow Montanians that do not.

that I am putting together an outing, this what I have so far, with the help of people interested

A 2 day Outing in June

location; Big Hole Valley MT

Old Stage Stop on private land, with permission in writing of course

camping availiable , at Pintlar Lk.campground, NO FEE

BBQ Sat eve, as a get together to discuss starting a club in MT.

Sun morning Competition coin hunt in open meadow, for those interested

Then back out to the Stage stop.

It seems as if theres some interest, but we are all so spread out in the state.

So, working with a few others, it seemed like a 2 day event, with camping close by, would make it

more do able.

If this thing kicks off, theres alot of possibilities as to other hunts of this sort happening around the state.

So, if you are at all interested, I will keep you posted.

I should have everything finalized ,and in writing , by the end of March.

And Good Luck to you out there


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Thanks guys sooo much but im kinda on hold. I got ripped off on craigs list for a minelab gp 3000 for 1600.00 :( I greatly appreciate your time. And maybe if someone runes across a decent used metal detector you could let me know im back up to 700.00 Thanks


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Hi Jeremia, There is a prospecting shop/small engine repair shop in Victor Mt. The owner will be able to give you some good info/ there is a local chapter of GPAA and the sometimes have outings...This little shop in about 1/16th mile off the highway. Turn East befor you get to the main intersection in v Victor if you are comming from Darby..There is gold in Placer Creek off the highwaY that takes you to Wisdom..I hope this helps...

Dusty..Are Idaho folks welcome to that outing?? ..............Idaho Al

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