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Anyone get around the Bumble bee area?


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We have been able to work a claim in the bumble bee area a few times now. And during this time we see other people working pretty much only down the main wash in this area. Does anyone work around this area and have any advice for working this area? We are trying to find a good spot for when it dries out so we can do some drywashing. But so far have only found a few small specs. If we go up into the hills and try, do we dig straight down to bedrock and dont worry about the overburden?

I realize this is a pretty vague question, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I have never drywashed at BB, but I have found numerous nuggets in the washes and banks as well as in areas showing allot of iron stone on the hillsides... Perhaps someone with drywash experience there will speak up.

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