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New to hunting!

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I have taking a magnet stick (one is a nail and nut pickers upper I bought at home depot and on is a magnet on a stick off an old cb magnet mount) and took them to means dry lake bed and Melville dry lake bed and didn't come across anything. I do think those two dry lake beds are driven on a lot and picked over I am sure. Any suggestions for a newbie?

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ninorth, welcome.

I'm also a newbie to prospecting for meteorites. I find the best help, and the first place I look, is the Met Bul, the Meteoritical Bulletin, which list meteorites and can be search for all meteorites known in a State, or a county in a State, as well as by the name of the individual meteorite. Find the Met Bul at: http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php.

You can also post the Met Bul listings for one or several meteorites to Google Earth so they are marked on their maps. The Met Bul listings contain lat/lon for the find, as well as addition information and links to photos so you know what you're looking for, or at.

Hope that helps.

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Ninorth, welcome to the forum! Hunting the dry lakes takes a lot of practice and patience. That being said, your set up could use a a bit of an upgrade in the magnet department. You want to get a Neodymium magnet or Rare Earth as they are called. This kind of magnet is better that those used for CB and antenna mounts. Also, you want to study what dry lake meteorites look like and do some research on how to locate them. There is a ton of information on the net as well as some general resources (books) that I will list here for you. Take your time, study and do some research on the are you want to hunt. Good luck and keep looking down. Jason ;)

Meteorite Resource Reference List

Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites, O Richard Norton, 2002, Cambridge Press, 354 pg

Good information that is well organized by the master

Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites, O Richard Norton, 2008 Springer, 288 pg

Great reference from classifications to hunting to handlens/microscope viewing

Rocks From Space, O Richard Norton, 1994, 1998 Mountain Press Pub, 444 pg

One of my favorite books, one to which I often return

Meteorites, Hutchison & Graham, 1993 Sterling Publishing, NY, 60 pg

Good pictures and information, I donate copies to science classes I visit

Falling Stars, Mike Reynolds, 2001 Stackpole Books, PA, 148 pg

Like the subtitle says, its a Guide to Meteors and Meteorites

Meteorites - Their Impact on Science and History, edited by Zanda & Rotaru, 1996 Cambridge University Press, 128 pg

Great color pictures, very informative

Meteorites, Alain Carion, self-published, 36 pg

Short B/W printing with nice photos and good information

Thunderstones and Shooting Stars, Robert T Dodd, 1986, Harvard Press, 196 pg

Good pictures and information, some dated or obsolete

Santa Lucia Meteorite Fall, McCartney Taylor, 2009 self published 62 pg

Great story of meteorite hunting in Argentina

Find a Falling Star, Harvey Nininger, 1972, Erikson, 254 pg

Autobiography of Americaʻs first meteorite hunter

Meteorites from A to Z, Jenson, Jenson, Black, 2004 self published, 276 pg

Great reference for falls and finds

The Handbook of Colorado Meteorites, Matt Morgan, 2000 CO Geo Survey, 40 pg

Compilation & pictures of the meteorites of Colorado

Meteorites and Their Parent Planets, Harry McSween, 1999 Cambridge Press, 312 pg

Good book on meteorites and where they come from

The Meteorite & Tektite Collectors Handbook, Philip Bagnall, 1991 WIllman-Bell, 160 pg

Somewhat dated, but good source of information

Tektites - A Cosmic Enigma, Hal Provenmire, 2003 self published, 210 pg

Comprehensive book on the different tektites, strewnfields and theories of origin

Meteorites and the Origin of Planets, John Wood, 1968 McGraw-Hill, 118 pg

A lot of valid information in this dated book

Tucson Meteorites, Richard Willey, 1987 Smithsonian Press, 46 pg

A history of the Tucson Ring meteorite

The Port Orford, Oregon Meteorite Mystery, Roy S Clarke, 1993 Smithsonian Press, 42 pg

Great story of an even greater hoax

The Fallen Sky, Christopher Cokinos, 2009 Penguin Books, 518 pg

Story weaves history, science and the authorʻs life in an engaging manner

Meteorites - A Journey Through Time and Space, Bevan & DeLaeter, 2002, Univ So Wales Press, 216 pg

Beautiful book, good information in an easy to read format

Meteorites - Their Structure, Composition and Terrestrial Relations, Oliver Cummings Farrington, 1915 self published, 226 pg

Obviously dated, but a good read of period meteoritics

Meteorite Craters, Kathleen Mark, 1987, UA Press, 288 pg

Good book on impact craters around the world

Meteorite Hunter, Roy Gallant, 2002 McGraw-Hill, 232 pg

Stories of Tunguska, Sikhote Alin, Chinga, Pallas, Tsarev and more

The Mystery of the Tunguska Fireball, Surendra Verma, 2005 Icon Books, 278 pg

Investigation of the 1908 fireball in Siberia

The Day the Sky Split Apart, Roy Gallant, 1995 Simon & Schuster, 156 pg

Good book for young adults on the Tunguska event

T Rex and the Crater of Doom, Walter Alvarez, 1997 Princeton Univ Press, 186 pg

Giant impact kills off dinosaurs 65 million years ago

Man and Impact on the Americas, E P Grondine, 1998 self published, 466 pg

The effects of asteroid and comet impacts on man throughout the ages

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