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Well went out to a small area where I have been finding allot of dinks with my GPX and classified 6 buckets of moist material to run through the drywasher. The dirt isn't soaked by any means, but will hold together if squeezed so was running the fines through 2 or 3 times to help catch the gold. I was pleasantly surprised... Guess I have some drywashing to do and heck the largest one would have been in my GPX nugget poke already had it been shallow, but it was 6 or 7 inches deep on rotten bedrock.


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OK so got out with Dyllon (5) and we threw dirt for about 3 hours and did real well with just under a gram of fines and one small nugget in the clean up. So yesterday I get out there early fire up and run hard and steady for about 4 hours moving better than twice the material as the previous day puttering with Dyllon.

Ended up with less fines and two small nuggets, but one was .5 gram and saved the day. Once the low bowl like area was run the fun was over I guess, but some nuggets have shown up in every clean up so far so I may give it another chance next week.

I am done with the shovel for now and will go detecting today. Now I remember why I like detecting sooooooooo much :head:

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