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Just gotta say wow to this...

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Not sure when it was found or where.... Sure worth a look though.


Great nugget Bill! The heart-shaped gold nugget weighs 33.85 Ounces. It was found on June 16, 2004, at Gaines Creek, located near McGrath, in Southwestern Alaska. It was detected by Steve Burris of Idaho, using a Fisher Goldbug II.

:thumbsupanim Terry

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Steve was one of the guys in a group that I took to Gains Ck and is a good friend of mine. That nugget was laying on top of the ground with foot prints all around. To top it off Steve had heart surgery a few months to going to Gains aand really did good working up to going. The nugget has since been sold back to Doug Clark the owner of Gains Ck. Steve and the heart nugget has been featured in a few treasure magazines as well as the cover of the Mining Journal.

Allen in MT

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Hi All

Yes that is the stuff dreams are made of. It was found two weeks before

I got there! Missed it by...that much LOL. Still had one of the greatest

times ever. First class place to detect.



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Wow nice gold boulder!!!

I missed my chance to get to Gaines Creek,I had a friend and we were swappin

mining stories and he told me he worked on that dredge on Gaines creek he told

me how all those nice pieces of gold got in the tailing piles he said the person

in charge of moving the dredge was moving too fast and overloading the sluices

he told the boss and asked if he could be in charge and the boss said sure so

he did and the first night he run it they cleaned up 400 ounces he said you could

see nuggets going up in the buckets.anyways I had plans on going up there and having

a look see,he said he would show me where it was on his mining map of the area...

I never did get the chance to get up there,plans don't allways work out...

I still sputter to myself to this day for not getting to it as I knew about

it years before the recent operation did....

Such is life,just keep beepin


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I was up there a couple years ago,what an awesome place to detect. It was sooo hard to sleep knowing there was nuggets that size out there waiting for me to turn on my detector.I found a 2.08 oz piece covered with wire gold,and another ounce or so in smaller pieces.I will be going back,hopefully before Doug sells it. Dave

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