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Hey everyone!

I've been watching this forum for a while now and decided to make my first post. We have a handful of guys down here who are pretty serious about hunting and have pulled together the necessary items to start in and around San Antonio. Just curious if there are any fellow Texans who are hunting? Hope to make it out West to Franconia and Gold Basin some time this year, preferably cooler than hotter later in the year.

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Hello TobyTex,

Welcome to the forum. If we have any Texans, I'm sure they'll let you know. There are many meteorite locations in Texas, so you'll have many places to hunt. Also, you'll find many new spots to search.

Best of Luck, Ben

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I would like to go on record as not being a Texan.

With that noted you will find a whole lot of excellent ground in extreme west Texas. From the Texas/New Mexico border east there are numerous falls and finds, Odessa being the very first that comes to mind. Strangely enough it seems that all meteorites fell east of the Texas/New Mexico border and the area in New Mexico has never produced a single specimen. :shrug: So it is probably best to concentrate from the New Mexico border EAST. :hmmmmm:

There are lists of every known meteorite find and fall, and their various locations. Do some research on the internet and you will quickly get several lists of Texas meteorites and the details abot type, location, and amount of material found. Then do some research on those specific areas. The research is half the fun because you learn a lot along the way. I am sure several here will post links the the various met data sites.

Research land ownership too. Texas is a private property state so wherever the finds and falls may be will require permission to hunt. Doing research and getting permission are the prerequisites for turning on a detector.

Check out UTEP at El Paso. They have some good info as well as the McDonald Observatory at Ft. Davis (I think?). Maybe UT Austin has some info too? And a quick internet search will yield the names and addresses of a couple of good ol boys in Odessa that have found a truckload of iron. Probably a good place to start.

Nobody has ever found a piece of El Paso. It made a screaming booming entrance in broad daylight and landed right around Hueco Tanks somewhere. Shook everyone up big time. Experts say that there is 100% chance there is material that hit the ground. I was in Las Cruces, NM 30 miles west of El Paso when it came over. You could actually see the big ol' rock in a blue streak across the sky that hung there for a full minute after it went by.

The trick is to get the published info out there and then expand on that with personal research until you find a likely spot. Otherwise it is "cold hunting" and lighting will strike you twice before you find a cold find.

Finding meteorties is truly a treasure hunt. If you are successful you will have either done a whole lot of research or been given a location. Push on with research and make friends in the field and you will be successful.

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