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A Few Civil War Relics

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Hello guys! Been a while since I have posted. Good to be back aboard the Nuggetshooter forum!!! We moved to the Low Country of South Carolina back in the summer, and have been very busy with the move etc. Since I have kind of gotten settled in, I have been able to get out a little with the detector. Got permission to detect a few properties here near Beaufort, SC. The history of our area is very, very old. We just celebrated this week our 300th anniv. as a city. The area was actually discovered in the 1500s by the spanish. Port Royal and the surrounding areas (Charleston to the north and Savannah, GA to the south) were both very instrumental in the revolutionary war and civil war.

Anyway, in my prospecting for new historical sites to hunt/detect, I stumbled across a "virgin" Yankee (Union) civil war post on a remote island here. I could tell it was virgin ground because the ground was covered in targets. So far, we've pulled (4) eagle buttons, (4) flat buttons, and quite a few other assorted items used by the Yankee soldiers at that post. I have also found a large assortment of very old shotgun "brass" shell casings. Too many to post here, but most are dated from 1865 through 1915. Most are blackpowder shotgun shells. I am posting a few of the civil war finds here.




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Very cool finds! I've always found history exciting, and to hold pieces like that in your hands must be fascinating. If you could find out the exact units that served there and anything that might explain the relics being located there would be frosting on the cake!


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Yes, the history here is awesome! Sherman came right through here on his march from Atlanta. This was one of the most hated areas of the south from a Union standpoint, as Beaufort and Charleston were the "hub" of the plantations and slavery. There have been many $10-15,000 slave tags found here by dectorists. There are LOTS of caches in this area as the large plantation owners buried their valuables as the escaped, at a moments notice, with only their clothes on their back at the arrival of Sherman's troups. The yankees burned most of the plantation homes to the ground, and pillaged anything they could find on their way through. In fact, I have spoken with old timers here whose grandparents took their horses way out into the marsh (where the yankee soldiers wouldn't attempt to go) and tied them up hide them from the approaching troups. The old timers also told of the plantation owners quickly burying everything they had, gold, silver, guns, jewels, etc. because they were too heavy or too bulky to carry in their escape from the area, and they just didn't have enough time to do anything else with them. Literally, Sherman's troups arrived from about (4) different fronts here in a moment's notice, and the folks freed their slaves and escaped with their lives. Some of them didn't even escape with their lives. However, when the ones who made it out alive returned months later, the area was flattened and devastated by fire, luting and vandalism and in many cases, they were unable to relocate their caches, still hidden in the ground to this day to be found by me!

I haven't run up on one of those yet, but have gained permission to hunt several of the plantations down here. You never know.........

Bill......great to be back. I have actually changed professions and made a move to the coast over the past 6 months. I have missed you and Uncle Ron, El Dorado, Mike C and the rest of you during my absence! Glad to be back! That Etrac is still "cooking"! I love that machine!

Looking forward to being on the forum regularly again.


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