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A Day Out!

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Dang it if I don't have a free day to get out for a hunt... Well half day anyway and me and Heybeerman (Blake) are gonna go dig some targets. Hope some of you are getting out as well....

Whooo-Hooo no spam yet since the big clean up, still worried I may have missed a few :aw-shucks:

Good Hunting...Bill

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It was a great day. I got skunked but it was nice to get out with a good freind.

About half way to our spot my wife called my cell phone. "You didn't need your spare pick?" "It's here on the kichen counter"

Me.... CRAP! thats not my spare that is my ONLY pick!!! So she headed out to meet me 1/2 way with it. Lucky for me I live close by and only lost about 15 minutes of beeping time.

Thanks for getting me out Bill,

PS we just took pickup's. :-)


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Had a great time and really enjoyed the beautiful AZ weather while digging bullets, wire, and other assorted goodies including a live .22 round.

No gold in the couple hours we were out, but Blake had beer for afterward... :whoope:

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