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Terry Soloman

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Irresponsible prospectors hasten the demise of what we love. Query: Is "r-e-g-u-l-a-t-i-o-n" an answer or an excuse? Regulation requires enforcement and enforcement is only as good as the enforcers. It also is expensive, thus high license fees. An alternative is voluntary compliance with common sense treatment of the land and watersheds.

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Did anyone catch the statement "several tons of BEDROCK were removed"?

Uh... I think they need to get their facts straight. Additionally, that seems a pretty left-leaning broadcast just by the verbiage used. Which just frustrates me all the more.

I agree that the pic of the dig hole looks bad, but there were tools right next to it so they weren't done in the hole. Who's to say they didn't fill it in when done?

Are they going to ban wild dogs and wolves digging holes?

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:stupidrb: as usual the 1% ruin it for the masses. Them folks don't even know what the word bedrock means. :hahaha: In ignorance there is bliss and thems some happy idjets--a permit to pan??? :wacko: John
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