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Weird occurance

Mike C...

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I got out one day last weekend with a couple of friends to go and pound the dirt some more in hopes of popping some yellow out of its hiding place and maybe win another dollar as well :arrowheadsmiley: well we arrive at our destination and went our seperate directions wishing each other good luck and game was on-:brows: -the weather is perfect right now---the area we were in has had many good poundins and it showed with very little targets left :unsure: we worked the area all day and the sun was starting to get lower everyone had ZIP for the efforts---so we decided to pack it up and head back to the trucks but stopped at one more place for a last ditch effort to avoid the dreaded SKUNK :mellow: we only had less than one hour left of daylight so we hurried up to the spot and strapped on the gear and off we went-about 10 minutes into the hunt I get a very quiet low high signal so I scrape about 3 inches off the top and wave over it again signal is still there and a little louder---I dig down deeper and the signal got even louder so at this point my hopes are gettin better--I started to hit decomposed bedrock at just a little over a foot stuck the coil into the hole and it started to scream :head: at that point I knew for sure it was a target and it was a low high signal still so it could either be a quarter plus ozer nugget or a big bullet or a rusty peice of trash :cigar: I get it out of the whole locate it within a scoop full of dirt start siftin through it hoping to find a nice chunk of gold but turned out to be a 2 grammer I'm thinkin how could this be usually small targets respond with a hi low signal so I took the nugget and waved it over the coil and still low hi---I checked to see if maybe my responce adjustment got changed to inverted but that was'nt the case either :shrug: this is the first nugget this size thats ever responded with a low hi signal---And I'll be damned if I can figure it out---it is a dense little slug---anyways I beat the dreaded skunk and got 2 more dollars---the 5000 just keeps on amazing me with how quiet it is :spinnin: Mike C...:ninja:


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Great find and great topic. Darn near every bit of gold I have found with a Minelab has always been that mellow low-hi tone. I have dug many sweet hi-low tones just to see what it was and never gold! Even my whopper nugget gave a nice normal tone until I got dang near on top of it......

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I just dig every change in threshold. If it makes a noise, I dig it. The more targets I dig , the better chance I have of

finding a gold nugget. Sometimes the good sounding targets turn out to be trash and sometimes the bad sounding targets turn

out to be nuggets. I really like when the aluminum can targets turn out to be gold nuggets...I also like when the last guy

figured that the target was trash and I come along and dig up a gold nugget out the unfilled hole...


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Hi Mike,

That low - high signal without 'Inverted' being turned on

is weird for sure..

I work in Inverted all the time and have never dug up a nugget that gave a high - low sound.

Anyway, good find. I will be interested to see if anyone has any theory's.

All the best,


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Is there some sort of compendium on sounds versus targets in real conditions? In normal mode, I've never dug anything worth keeping that goes low-high and they are often smaller shallow iron which the user manual says they shouldn't be, was almost thinking about starting to not dig them so I can cover more ground, but this is interesting. A weird thing I've noticed (contrary to the user manual at least) is that I'll get lots of large deep targets go high-low. Half an aluminum can at almost 2 feet is one example a few days ago, and the old 2 ring large bullets, sometimes large iron stuff too.


I used to try and decipher the different target sounds and I would dig up a lot of smaller gold. One day, I dug a screamer and guess

what. It was a rather large gold specimen. My post was not intended to be misunderstood or confrontational. Not all targets are the same

in any way. I have learned that by digging every target, I will get all the gold my current detector can detect if I swing my coil over it.

Leaving gold behind is not a good thing, especially if you hunt in an area known for the big stuff.


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I had a similar experience with my 4000 and a 14" round mono coil a couple months back on an 11.2 dwt nugget. Got the low-high tone and thought it was trash and it ended up being a nugget. I've found bigger nuggets than this one and they all gave off the high-low tone. Still has me stumped!

Probably best to dig all signals because you never know.

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Geez Mike i thought you dug it all. I do , I have had them make the wee ooo and ooo eeee, sound The biggest deep one i ever found went oooo eee., I even dig the blank out in threshold and buzz,s or the chrip that repeats, There Is a thred on AZO forum on this and lunk found out he was missing gold not digging all his threshold variations, You have to DIG IT ALL .Good news is it sounds like you have a lot of places to go back over and check for left behind gold :shhhhh:

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Hey guys just to clarify things I do dig everything not just the eeee-oooo sounds butttttt the majority of my GOLD finds are of the hi-lo sound because they are usually smaller than 1[4 ozer-- :tisk-tisk: --any guesses yet on why a 2 grammer sounds off like a big nugget :arrowheadsmiley: could it have something to do with the new timings in the 5000 or could it be that the ground I found it in was so nasty that it inverted the signal :hmmmmm: Mike C...:ph34r2:

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Mike i would say it is both ,The enviroment is a big part and the setting of course,

When i,am in basalt hell i have to use the high low /low high sounds to decern the basalt, But with the 5000 the gold makes a better crisper sound.

It could very well be the machine balancing out the soil,It is good to know a small nugget will be so loud and clear.

I found a 4 grain nugget in a ironstone dike and it was loud and clear at 6 inches, I thought it was going to be bigger,

Enjoy the 5000 it is one hell of a machine,

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