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Just goes to show that if you keep hammering a gold spot you'll turn up somethin'......Last week I found an old drywashed gully that produced a couple little ones but then nothing but bullets, wire, etc. ....Odd that my first targets were nuggets then nothing, but that happens a lot, actually... So this spot I have hit all week with no further nuggets but lots of wire, bullets, and .22 casings...This afternoon I put back on my ol' 14" E NF Mono and went through again...After a couple hours I started working the vertical walls of the rotten granite and got a soft signal...Into the wall about four inches I got this little .3 gram cutie...Very satisfying when this happens, even though it is not a major nugget...But it paid for gas and sodapop...Cheers, Unc




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Good'n Unc. I assume the new old 4500 did the sniffing. My new old 4500 also snagged a comparable teeny weeny over the weekend in an old, hammered patch, but I used the stock 11" DD.

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