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4 and 5 pin connectors for M/L's, HELP PLEASE!

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum. I live in northern CA and detect in the Motherlode for the most part. I own a GPX4000 and a Extreme. Right now I want to make my own LI-Ion batterys for my extreme and possibly the GPX.

My problem is finding the right CB Mic connectors, for power/headphones. From what I have read and see for my self, the contacts on these connectors are gold plated from minelab. I believe the aftermarket suppliers as well, coiltek, nugget finder etc. I know I can get these from "Woody" in Aus., I want to find a supplier here in the states though, or at least a retail supplier somewhere on this earth! I have looked high and low on the net, every time i find a link to a supplier, they tell me they no longer carry the gold plated connectors.

If no one knows where to get the gold plated connector can I get some opinions on using high quality nickle plated connectors which are available at many websites?




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:thumbsupanim Radio Shack or any good electronics supplier outta the phone book as all connectors are a off the shelf item with worldwide standards--John

Thanks John,

Actually I already got a set from radio shack and they are very poor quality. They are also not gold plated terminals. I have called and emailed at least 20 different stores from the U.S., OZ, Japan and China. I can get this connector anywhere, the problem is getting them with gold plated contacts.

That was my other question for minelab users. Any opinions on using non-gold plated terminal conectors? Actually the male panel connector on the minelab would be gold plated and the power/headphone connector on the curly cord or my case, not-curly cord, would be hard nickle plated.



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Hi Tazman

Try Parts Express. www.partsexpress.com

Search CB Mic plug 4pin I have purchased

the 5 pin female here for coil building they

also have the 4pin.

Hope this helps.



Thanks, I looked at them and they look to be nickle plated as well. I really wanted to keep with the OEM theme of gold plated terminals but it is looking like a lost cause. I think minelab and Coiltek have the monopoly on the gold plated connectors.

I dont own a nuggetfinder coil, can someone tell me if they also use gold plated terminals? If N/F uses nickle I would feel much better about also using nickle.

Do you build coils for your minelab p/i machine or some other? I assume the ones you got were nickle plated? Any noise issues? when the connector is taken apart, do you remember if the inner insulator is a split piece of plastic or was it a short piece of clear heat shrink tube? I suppose i could give them a call but if you happen to remember, all the better.

Thanks again for the help,


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The inner insulator is clear heat shrink, and they are nickle plated.

I used these to build some TDI coils and have had no problems

with noise. They are a good snug fit. Building coils for a ML can be

a little frustrating as they have to be very close in inductance and

capacitance or they will not work. Not saying it can't be done as many

people in OZ are having good results, probably some here also.



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You can order them from Tiawan but you have to order 100 or more. They come in Nickle or Gold plating. The Gold cost half again as much as the Nickle. Have some Nickle plated 5 pin male or female ones laying around. Will send them to anyone if you pay postage. $1.00 a piece should cover it.

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