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Anyone tried this ?

Jim Gilmore

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Never used one. Works sorta like a Cylindrical Blue bowl?

From what I can see is it looks like a water ccolumn.

Water comes in from the bottom and the dirt basically is settled by weight.

Run too fast will blow everything out but if the water is at the right pressure you could run all day and emptyt iy once to collect the gold. wonder if you could add a ring to pre wet material abobe it and drop it in through a funnel from kind of a classifier.

I thibk the name is right. Works like quicksand and heavy stuff sinks faster.

Not sure if this one really works or not.

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I saw this at the GPAA show in Phx last weekend. As stated, it's not a new concept. I do like the rough ABS plastic that will helpt to catch anything you screw up and push over the sides.

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