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Hello Everyone,

I just stumbled across this site and figured I better join asap. I live in North Central Idaho and have decieded to get seroius with my hunt for gold this spring. So my question is, is the web site geo communicator a good enough source to make sure a place isnt curantly claimed? A lot of places I would have thought claimed arn't (although they all show old inactive claims). I really dont want to be on someones claim with a shovel and a sluice box. I called my local B.L.M. office, the directed me to D.E.Q. water quality where the nice lady informed me that she had no idea what so ever about recreational mining. Any help would be great. Thank you in advance. Jesse

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Welcome. :)

Geo-com isn't always up to date. It lagged about a month before my claim showed up after filing.

I'd start with Geo-com, and then verify the property status with the county seat. ;)

I looked at some claims around Elk City, it's East of Grangville. Beutiful area. Haven't been north of Genesse, not far out of Lewiston. Been up the Hwy 12 canyon too. I sampled a lot of the Clearwater River drainage streams.

Man, I could almost smell the Gold. :brows:

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Thanks for the info, I didn't know the local courthouse had the active claims. I have spent a lot of time working around Elk city a great gold mining history, but not much open ground to prospect. I live in the upper clearwater river valley. There are historic mining districts less than 30 minutes away no matter which direction I drive. I probably should have gotton the gold fever a decade ago lol. Thanks again for the info.

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About the best you can do is check with the BLM,the U.S.F.S.,and the local tax office.Also walk the area

and see if you can find any claim notice posted on trees or posts. It's called "using the best available

information" and will normally keep you out of trouble. You might try checking with the Forest Service's

"Mineral Agent", they generally keep close track of all new claims fileing a notice of intent and plan of

operation. They are way ahead of the BLM time wise.

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