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Taking a proper sample


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Hi all I know this has been covered before but I cant remember crap..Can someone tell me the right way to take a sample from an outcropping I came onto...It was worked before I found the head of a shovel and the head of a sledge hamer there the wood has long since rotted out of both, there is no tailings from were they had worked and looks like the material was bagged and carried away.At the time I did not have anything to put a sample in but want to go back and see what might be there. I plan on running a couple pans here at home,If something shows I want to send in a sample for assay,,Should I take a cross cut of the vein and how much would be needed for an assay? Your help would be appreciated greatly..And this area is just outside a good gold producing mine from the late 1800s early 1900s.

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If you are going to have your sample assayed then yes you would want to cross cut the vein. The question is

how much sample should you collect and send? If you have hopes or plan's to open a mine on it then you would

need to take several hunderd lb.s ; say from a trench 3ft. wide and 2 or 3 ft. deep across the whole vein.

That means EVERYTHING that is in that trench even the crumbs! Sweep it clean and bag it! If you are not interested

in doing that then forget any plans to sell it to any mining company! Now if all you want to do is claim it for

yourself don't waste your money having it assayed, just collect a few random samples across it at several

locations, take them home or to camp, crush them out and pan them down to see what you have and go from there.

It takes a LOT of TIME and MONEY to start or open a mine and very few people have what it takes to do that!

Good Luck with your project.

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Thanks for the reply, I'm just interested in working it myself, I thought an assay could give me an idea of the potential of the spot,and what other minerals were thier that may be worth keeping,,I'll just bring it home crush it and run it,,Thanks again for the input.

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