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An Eldorado Makeover

Allen in MT

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1st off let me say that Steve is not into doing jewelry repairs, just making gold jewelry from gold.

I buy alot of scrap gold and in the bunch that I was sending to the refiners was this old gold nugget and diamond ring, It was dirty, had a broken diamond, the shank was cracked in 3 places and the inlayed nuggets were worn smooth and flat.

I contacted Steve and told him about this ring I had and was asking about repairing it. After describing the condition of ring he wanted to take alook at it so I sent it to him. Later we talked and I had a heavy mans 14kt band that could be used for the shank replacement and also had a extra diamond that measured about the same as what was in the ring. Steve had measured the diamonds (7 total) so I knew what size they were. These I sent to him. Later it was determined that I would send him some Montana placer gold from Libby Creek. to put on the ring. It was determined that the nuggets already on the ring would stay put, but would be filed flat and the new nuggets would be layed over the top of old nuggets. I also mentioned I needed a size 11 ring as this one was about a size 8.

To make a long story short Steve wanted to give it a try as it was the challange to him to do a complete makeover. I wasn't concerned because I had see seen many of SAteve's creations and knew if anyone was going to make this right Steve was the man for the job.

I just wish I had a picture of the ring before the make over.

Total weight of the ring is 18 grams which include 4.9 grams of new nuggets and 2.15 cts of diamonds.

A winner for sure

This was not a repair, it was an extreme makeover. :thumbsupanim

Thanks Steve aka Eldorado

Allen in MT

Steve if you have anything to add please do

I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.





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Wow, Allen..That is a real genuine prospector's treasure! Steve does excellent work and has done some beautiful things for me to give Dodacious...I'm still trying to figure out a design and the nuggets I want to use on a ring by him...The quality of El Dorado's art is amazing...Cheers, Unc

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Allen.. It was a pleasure working with you on this project. I need to clarify one statement. Allen is right about me not doing jewelry repairs, but I do take exception for gold nugget jewelry and will work on any nugget jewelry. Just not regular jewelry store stuff.

Getting all the nuggets on this ring was most challenging due to the fact all surfaces are curved. It took 7 1/2 hours to put on all those nuggets. Best part of the job was no money changed hands... it was a nice barter deal that I am very happy with!

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I have seen it as well since Alan is staying at my RV park and it fits me perfectly. Tried to pretend it wouldn't come off my finger, but Alan looked like he was gonna pull a knife :yikes:

:hahaha: :whoope: Terry

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Steve had a great time working on your ring and even turned down a couple of hunts with me. He really puts his all into his craft and your ring brought the best out in him. Last month, I was at a Reno Casino with my Bling Ring playing Texas Hold'em and a guy down the tabled asked if that was a Super Bowl Ring...I'm sure you'll get the same reviews.


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