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Yo All...It was beautiful here in the big AZ today...low 70's, slight breeze...There's a spot I've been driving by for years that I've always felt had slight potential but just didn't really look all that great...Definitely a gossan, but looked kinda sterile...But I hadn't found a single nugget since 1/1/11 so figured I'd go check it out...Walked down a steep ravine to find a tiny little gully, maybe two fee wide and two feet deep...But rotten red granite and a bit of red gooey clay...Smelt like teenage gold...Took a quick pass down about fifty yards of the gully with my GB2, then went back up and hooked up my "new ol' baboo 4500." ... Headed down about fifty feet and got a soft signal...dug down into the rotten granite and goop and bango...Nice little .8 grammer that looks like either Africa or South America...Went on down about a hundred yards and nuttin'....Turned around and came back up and got another nice soft signal only ten feet from where the first was found...Scrapped down in the rotten granite about eight inches and bango, another solid little beauty...Together the two weigh 1.1 dwt...Little over $70 today..Cheers, Unc




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Hey Unk, looks like the new Old Baboo 4500 is beginning to pay for itself. What coil? Tomorrow I get to play with my new old 4500 for the first time. I've spent about 10 hours reading and re-reading the manual. Now you've got me inspired!!

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Yo Martin...I was using the NF 14" E ... It's the old original fibreglass coil that, to me, is the best coil ever made!!! Cheers, Unc

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Hey Unc ... Long time for you to be carrying the skunk in the back pack ... nice to know he found a girlfriend and jumped out so you could get back into the gold!Nice!

Mike F

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