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New from NJ, soon to be AZ


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Hey guys,

I'm currently a relic/old coin detectorist in Southern New Jersey but will be moving to the Tucson area hopefully before spring. I'd like to get into nugget shooting when I get there as I'm truly addicted to detecting lol. I'm surely not set up for nuggets though with the equip I have. Currently own a ML Sovereign Elite, ML Musketeer Advantage, Tesoro SS Plus, Ace 250, JW Fishers Pulse 8, and a Nautilus DMC 2b. So I'll hafta pick up a gold detector when I move. Any pointers or tips for a novice nugget shooter?? I've been detecting a long time so machines are nothing new to me, just the style of hunting will change. Is Tucson a relatively good area for nugget shooting?? Also would like to meet some friendly people down in AZ as we will know no one when we arrive. Thanks!!


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Jason don't sell the Soverign short...you might be surprised what it'll do...

I was thinkin that only for the shear fact that it handles mineralized ground well, and I've hit birdshot to about 6" with the 10"x12" SEF coil I use. That coil is very stable in most ground and quite sensitive to small targets. You think it would be worth using?? I guess all metal on it would be the way to go...

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Also wondering if Tucson is a decent choice for a place to live... I'm gonna be starting life fresh in a new state so was wondering if there are better places in AZ to choose... I'm looking for the warmer climate + prospecting + affordable housing.

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My heart bleeds for you. I moved here from W Pa. in July. I'm still recovering from the trip. I can give you some pointers and will PM my cell phone if you want to call. We have the same detecting background and there is a change looking for those nuggets.

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