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Whites Eagle 2 metal detector ??

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I have recently picked up a used, whites eagle 2 with the digital display.. I know it's old, and there are better detectors, but it is all i have and can afford at the moment ...not looking for a slew of suggestions on other detectors. ( sorry i just wanted to put that out there)

However, I have a few general questions if anyone could answer/advise , it would be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone used this detector for nugget shooting?

If so any tips or advise for this machine?

Is this detector ok for nugget shooting? Or i am i wasting time?

i have been out a lot lately and found mostly iron no nuggets yet, I am learning the VDI index, but cant help but wonder if i am missing stuff ( i am in a historically " gold rich" area). I am a newbie so advice is welcomed. I do have the manual for the detector as well and i have been familiarizing myself with the settings.

Thanks again and good luck to my fellow prospectors.

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You can find gold with any metal detector as long as the gold is BIG enough and SHALLOW enough---buttttttt the right tools always help to speed up the chances of scoring faster :inocent: just some food for thought :hmmmmm: Mike C...:ph34r2:

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Get ahold of a very small test nugget. Place it on top of the ground and use the detector on it then bury it a couple inches deep and repeat.

You will prove to yourself its capabilities.

I don't want to discourage you but I believe you will not be pleased with the results.Especially in mineralised ground.

Now Jewerly and coins are a different story if the detector is in good working order and you learn how to adjust and use it it will probably do OK but native gold is a different animal and where you find it is generally highly mineralised areas.

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Frank and Mike, Thank you for the tips, and info. i'm going to have stick with this one untill i can get a better one. I enjoy the hobby, even if i'm not finding valuables (though a gold nugget would be cool) it gets me outdoors. I'm going to take it out and look around some old mining cabins today in hopes of finding some relics. There is a place in town that buys gold, so i will check them out to see if they have any small test nuggets....or i may just lug myself down to the river and make a sluice......

have a good day.


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Hi Eldoradohunter

I got the detector you're talking about when it first came out in I think 91. I've found so many coins with it to pay for it over and over again. I know it has a ground balance knob in front. I have never used it before in all the years I've been swinging this detector. If this detector is in good working order then you got a great machine.

I do nugget hunt but whit other detectors.

The Best

Chuck Anders

PS The first eagle you could send it in to White's and for 125.00 they would put a chip that made it a Eagle 2.

This is the frist and last time I know of White's doing anything like that.

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