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Hello everybody. Im obviously new here, and equally new at prospecting. I really like this forum and have found it informative thumbing through the already posted material. Ive done some nugget shooting(with no results yet, but im still optomistic), and im planning on building my own bellows dry washer in the next few days. Yea im jumpin in head first. Ive got a blue bowl, and ive tinkered with it figuring out how it works, ive got the pump and tub setup goin. Ive got a few questions if i might pick yer brains a bit. Im working with a very limited budget so im trying to build most of the stuff to use out of things i got in the garage or cheap items i find at the hardware store. First question i got is i need the #30 classifier to get my dirts down to size in the blue bowl but i havnt found any screen the right size to do the job. I found window screen classifies it pretty good but i need it finer to get it to spin up right. Any ideas for a screen matereal? My second question is in regard to drywashing in the Bumble Bee area, if any1 has had any luck in that area? Im not looking for any secret squirrel sites just curious if id be wasting my time? Still lookin for that first taste of the color. Thanks and i hope yall will pardon my super newb status.

Somerlad aka Hooplehead

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Morning Somerlad,

I don't know if you have water in your area but think about panning, the least expensive way to find first color. I started out panning and resort to panning when the conditions are too crappy to be detecting or dry washing. Over the last week or so I've come up with an estimated 1/10 oz including a small nugget about 1/2 the size of a popcorn kernel(unpopped that is ;))that I found in Rose Creek. the best way as said over and over by the guys on this forum that have been prospecting since time began is to join a club and go on outings to get on the job experience.

Good luck, Bill c

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I guess i should have told where i live. I live in northern,AZ. I plan on bringin home some dirt to pan out, not much in the way of water out here so ive got big tubs that i was also gonna use for panning at home. As for building the dry washer, ive got all the tools and material at home in the garage to build a hand powered bellows washer so thats no problem. Thanks for the quick response and i plan on reading as much as i can and and any tips are greatly appreciated. Most of you have probably been doin this as long as ive been alive, ive got a lot to learn.

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Welcome to the forum Somerlad!

As far as finding some finer economical screens, check in the kitchen supplies section of any store that carry this type of stuff, some grease splatter screens are finer than window screen you may also check the dollar stores for cheaper versions and other things that may help with your new adventure of gold prospecting.


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