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The "STAR" shape Questions Questions!!

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Hi All

I have not had the chance of studying many meteorites in person. However, of those I have had in my hand and under my magnifier, my own and JayRay's pile, I notice a very distinct shape on all of them. All of them appear to have star shapes on them. Whether this is part of a chondrule or an iron rise, I do not know. Do you know what I am talking about? I am sure you have seen this too. It is obvious under a 10x magnifier. It may have a special name???

So with that, do any earth rocks display this shape that you know of?:huh:

The reason I ask: Rubin Garcia's videos on a California hunt he did for rare carbonaceous meteorites. I've taken one of his pictures and compared it to a rock I found in an area I've been working near Parker. Most of the details of the rock match. What really peaked my interest in it is that star shape which appears a couple of times on my small rock. It is, in any case a fragment. It is not as magnetic as my Franny, but it is magnetic and comes to the magnet. Color and appearance match the one in the video but mine is a little bigger.



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Don't know what you mean by "stars" but Carbonaceaous Chondrites are rather challenging to identify. The particular ones in the video are fragments that probably weathered off a larger stone and if you looked at them you probably wouldn't know they were meteorites because they don't have the typical features (fusion crust, nickel iron specks, rust, etc). The guy who discovered them (Rob Matson) is a very accomplished meteorite hunter and didn't even know what they were until someone at UCLA told him.

Identifying the rare stuff is very challenging and trying to compare pictures is a crap shoot because there are so many terrestrial rocks out there that have similiar features (at least in pictures) it's easy to get fooled.

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