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Strange Rock...

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Hi everybody,

Can someone explain to me what kind of "rock" is this.

Perhaps "rock" is not more correct term but I've found that this forum seems the most appropriate place for this kind of questions.

So I can say that in addition of the attached pictures is weight is approximately 30kg and is lenght is about 20cm long.




With best regards,

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Hola Pedro,

Primero, Bienvenidos Y Feliz Ano Nuevo. Your rock has a volcanic appearance, like a piece of basalt.

It would help to identify it, if you could take a diamond-file, or a blade-sharpening block,

and sand-off a corner, so we can see a window (una ventana) into the stone. Does the rock pull

to a strong magnet? Does it leave a colored streak when scratched against unglazed porcelain?

Is it any heavier than the other rocks in the area where it was found?

Gracias, Ben

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Hello Ben,

Thanks for the welcome/greetings words, Happy New Year for you and for the rest of this forum members!

About the stone, it was found on the beach underwater. I know that place (South of Portugal - Ilha da Culatra) and it's the first time that I saw that kind of rock there, the beach is sandy. It's weight is aprox. 4,5Kg (not 30kg!) and the lenght is aprox. 35cm.

When I have oportunity, I will make those tests (magnet,window)... Looks that during dim light, the stone reflects a funny light, perhaps because of the glass particles that exist on the black crust.



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Hi Everybody,

I'm here again with some answers to the Ben's questions. I did a cut and I broke the rock into 2 parts. So here are the pictures of the smaller part:





Probably it is a Basalt stone but the strange fact is in the place where the rock was found I never saw any rock like that (basalt), it's possible that?

I remember that the weight of the rock is 3,70Kg, more than the usual for a rock with that size.

With best regards,


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Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the photo of the inside of the rock. There are many visable bubble-holes (vesicles). That is not good for being a meteorite. The inside is also the same as the outside in color, not showing the presence of any fusion crust. Have you tried the streak test on un-glazed porcelain? If you don't have a spare ceramic tile around the house to scratch on the backside, you can use the underside of the toilet-tank lid. It works, just don't let your wife see you do it!

Best Regards, Ben

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