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I’m looking for tips on how to keep the water cleaner when using a recirculating system. I use clay gone and a rinse agent. I have also tried placing as bucket and fine sieve at the end of my sluice to catch the run off. Any other tips as to how to make the after last longer before becoming sludge?

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Its been a long time since i've run water but when i did, i ran it thru a series of black tubs commonly found at home depot, connected together with three two inch pvc pipes per tub near the top and a divider screen in each tub to stop the floaties and by the time the water made it to the third tub where the pump was it was pretty darn clean, you just have to keep up with the crap that clogs the screens, it was a great set-up, i wish i had pictures but digital cameras where not around quite yet.

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We put a bucket 3or 5 gal at the end of the recir. with a 1/4" classifier on top to run the water through keeps thechucky stuff out of the water and you can detect or pan to make sure no nuggets got away also the bucket catches alot of smaller than 1/4" so you emty the bucket more and saves the big tub to last longer

we hang the pump abou 3/4 from the top so the pump top is out of the water but the suction part is in deep enough and put screen around the pump and fold it under to keep trigs grass and crap from getting into the pump

lets you run alot longer before the pump has all the crap sucked in and emtying the tub as often

my 2 pennys worth


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I've also put cheapo car air filter media in between the buckets. Just fold it around the inlet side of the tube and use a rubber band or spring clamp to hold it in place. Using a 2" pipe you can get 10-15 filter elements out of a flattened out pleated, truck sized filter.

Don't use "rechargeable" style filters as you'll never get all the oil out of them... and they're too expensive. An old sweatshirt washed in HOT and no softner or dryer sheet cut into proper pieces can also be used for reusable filter media.

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i havent used my re circulating sluice in months and this weekend i did.

i use a large round tub/half a garbage bin with the middle cut out of the lid and aluminium window screen mesh bolted to the lid. it catches all the sand and pebbles but not the mud. i think the mud be gone is a waste of money. i shovel the mud out every now and again but after a while the water gets too muddy and the sluice stops trapping fine gold.

i use to run all the dirt but another man i knew just ran the pay streak layer of dirt/ but most areas has gold through all layers of the soil if your lucky or just sluicing the bottom layer you could miss out on the odd nugget.

He had the sluice water running into a bucket sitting inside the large tub he had and at the end of the day he didnt have much mud in his tub, i figure a lot of the clay waited in the bucket but you have to lift it out and empty it at the same rate you feed material through it.

so its back to the drawing board for me too.i have a plastic barrell im going to cut in half and use it as a large tub in which i can sit a bucket in it to collect the dirt and hopefully a large percentage of the mud. i was going to cut holes near the top of a five gallon bucket but that will be heavy and maybe a smaller bucket i can switch buckets and allow the mud to settle in the buckets a little.

what im thinking is leave the ground with a lot of clay and concentrate on ground with gravels containing gold.

this weekend i gave up on the sluice and just used the dry washer running the damp material through it slowly the keane with the hot air can pretty much dry the material as it passes through it slowly/ it is a very slow process and you need to be running fairly rich pay dirt.

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Classify to 1/4 inch , get some Black Sand Out (Magnet) , you'll need some , Fill the 5 gal bucket only half full , Use plain ol water first , Use a stirring stick , agitate it well , or stir in a fast circle , drain off a tad , repeat till clear , use muddy gold water for plants , pour over burnt wood chips  w sand base or silica  lots of minerals for plants  , Next when Water is Clear , Add Apple Cider Vinegar , just 5 % , agitate again , let set over night , drain off vinegar water ,,,Next , add a tad of Hydrogen Peroxide , Dawn soap , and jet dry , do the same for your recirc tub or tubs . go ahead and Sluice ...John Z Prosise  Tucson Bee Keepers , and GPAA ...On clean up , save ALL your heavys ..

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