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Franconia Odd Balls

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Howdy gang,

Has anyone ever encountered any odd balls (meteorites, that is) that have come from the North side and not the typical (for the most part) Franconia? I happend to have one that acts like an L-4/6 with magnet pull, different looking that a Franconia/Sac Wash, maybe comparable to a Buck Mountain or just maybe a very, very weathered one. Here are a few pics f it. Any ideas??? Jason ;)




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So here is the inside of a Franconia and the inside of the suspect meteorite. As you can tell the Franconia has high nickel and iron, while the other does not. It might be a Buck Mountain Wash 003, but too much for a Palo Verde, I think. Boy this is fun for sure...

Enjoy, Jason.



Suspect Meteorite


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I am sure by now you have weighed it. How does it compare?

Maybe this one needs to be sent off for analysis??? ASU appears to no longer accept samples for testing. They are suggesting North Texas University, Ron DiIulio @ 940-369-7655 or the State Geological Survey...but I can not find any mention of identification on the State site.


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Aloha Jason,

Saw this post and dug thru my space rocks and actually came up with two specimens that almost match the second pic to a tee. What stood out at first was that little dark spot in the middle of the pic and then I remember finding this one on top of a ridge line almost in the center of the strewn field. At first I didnt think anything of it until I started to compare most of my specimens and started to divide them up into little piles. These two were the only ones that didnt match any others.

Now that I have a sd2200 I may have to go back to that spot and start gridding off an area for sure to see what else I can find.

Aloha and see you in the field one day soon I hope.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Hi Jason and All

I hit the franconia area pretty hard before it became common knowledge and the pickings were abundant. I found maybe 30 kilos almost all of it over 100 grams in size was sliced up paired with small complete pieces and irons and sent off in donations to institutions. I kept a few pieces for myself including several oddities found while cutting and inspecting. I also purchased slices of Buck Mountain, Palo Verde mine and a slice off the original piece of Franconia found and classified. Primarrily for the Flandrau's meteorite display. I found lots of weird crap while slicing but only a few I kept. I still have a few pieces at ASU the old curator Laura seemed interested in but I doubt anything was done other than collect phoenician dust. Most of the slices I bought are now in the Mine and Mineral museum in Pheonix and would be a good place to compare them too. While hunting I met a fellow who had a piece about 3 or 4 hundred grams with a broken end that had a large gray inclusion. John Gwilliams who I was hunting with took some pictures of it and we thought at the time the material would create some confusion. John was the finder of one of the Sacramento wash finds. Several of my oddities were found up against the buck mountains north of the mine road and in the gem acres development north of the tracks. Jim Smaller recorded the location in disbelief on the gem acres finds saying they were well out of the field . But as we all know now there are multiple find strewnfields and figuring out what you've found can be somewhat puzzling. The same with Gold Basin, King Tut, White Elephant Wash, White Hills, Golden Rule, Golden Mile, Blue Bird and Hualapia Wash #s 1 thru 26 !! Good Luck !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Frank, I agree and definitely a cool way to explore the world around us. It's always fun to hold something that has traveled so far and for so long, to 'touch' something that I will probably never 'touch' in person (space that is), is too cool to describe.

If only my wife felt the same way, but then again, I guess we would probably fight over which ones were hers and which ones were mine... :lol:

Jason ;)

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