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GP-3500 Ground balance button


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Howdy folks, my question is can you use the GP-3500 without the ground balance button feature? Basically, can you use the unit the same as the GP-3000 and switch the main unit switch back and forth to set the ground balance? I was considering an alternative to the shaft mount and thought it worked the same as the GP-3000. Any input is considered greatly appreciated, Jason. ;)

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if you are talking about an s-handle you can mount a button where your trigger finger can easily reach it...a few trips ago in Gold basin I re-met Rusty. He and his partner were encouraged me to get a minelab 2000...dang, I stray from my goal...

the job he did wasn't pretty but it was working...

Now, because I hate not getting a direct answer to a question...you can reach down to the control box and flip modes just like the 3000 and gp...

but why would anyone want to???


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Test it by unplugging the switch.

With my 3000 I just slipped a bit of snug fitting plastic tubing over the switch, made it easy to locate/operate by feel (make it a 1/4" longer than the switch)

This also works well on any switch that you tend to flick often. With the wet ground, I'm constantly evaluating ground noise by comparing the response between normal and enhanced.

Just a note if you're thinking about a chest/hip mount.

1. Stabilize the coil wire connection, a source of noise.

2. Avoid large coils, they "see" the relative movement of the free coil wire.

Happy new year JayRay!

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