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Alaska Gold Rush

John B.

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Hi All

I've watched the first 3 segments and I love these guys :wub: . As dumb as they are about mining they have the huervos to give it a go and risk it all :wubu: . I mean I'm no wizzard about mining or mining equiptment but some of thier ideas defy logic :huh: . I just hope thier antics don't lead to more restrictions on mining :???: . The restrictions in this country are already excessive but this series will probably create even more :( . As with meteorite huntin on public domain lands, the Meteorite Men show has put little light on the subject and it must be evil and stoped :shrug: !! God forbid someone is pillaging the public lands and oh no someone might make a profit :scare: !! My thoughts :twocents: !! Happy Huntin John B.

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Good program and i can't wait to see who they villianize and who the group idiot is (there already working on that). But i really don't see any

good coming out of this in the future because our government has a dismal track record when the greenies really start to squeal, oh my god there digging up the creek bed and where is the sewage treatment plant. The PETA people are probably already going nuts over the bear kill episode.dang i'm getting way to negative here--gotta get a life--to much snow here--gotta find some bare ground--going nuts

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Its funny how our greenies have total tunnel vision. It's not ok to do business here in a responsible way, but it's perfectly ok to illegalize industry in this country (essentially), impoverish the middle class, and export our manufacturing to countries that have 0 regard for environmental impact or fair wages. Its a scam and i hope there is s special place in hell for the people destroying our country and God given rights. -sport

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The PETA people are probably already going nuts over the bear kill episode.dang i'm getting way to negative here--gotta get a life--to much snow here--gotta find some bare ground--going nuts

I've said my piece on this show in the other thread about it.

Was anyone else aware that PETA, on average, kills more domestic animals per year than any other agency which handles lost/unwanted domestic animals in the US combined?

I'm a PETA member... People Enjoying Tasty Animals and have the shirt to prove it! I got it at a local BBQ joint with an excellent pulled pork sandwich. MMMMMM pulled pork sandwish <drool>

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The show is entertaining at best,The fact that they play around and take chances with that is a camera thing.

I would never run the excavator across a creek with out useing the bucket to check depth.That was loose.And you are a long ways from help you do not take chances like that in the real world.Not with my monies or anyone else,s.

I liked the digging for the glory hole.That is totally green,You take what you get at first,

Then you can follow the paystreak and hope for the glory hole.

It is to loose and for all they have at stake it is left to fools with no experiance, I wish them the best of luck and i have seen fools get lucky.But the facts are not in there favor,

I did like the interview with the 90 yr old. Did you hear him say he get 32,000 a shift not bad for a days work, But the equipment and repars must cost at least 5000.00 a day average,Total run time.

I had freinds call saying you need to see the gold the old timer shows. that aint squat on a operation like that but the old guy was smart,If he showed a days worth{ 32 oz} most everyone would have freaked out.That aint that much running equipment,but he aint no fool. well see how it pans outI don,t think any green motive will prosper from this show ,But we will see in time till the i will just hide and watch,

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I have also watched this show and see no good to miners ever coming out of it. It is entertaining a little bit.

Those guys are extrememely green to mining IMO. The older guy digs massive holes and takes a few pans of dirt from the bottom and thats it? Work it a little bit geez :rolleyes: it takes time.

I keep thinking if i mined my gold claim like they are in California instead of Alaska the greenys would have all they need to shut us all down.

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:*&$*(: And the fallout bloodbath begins as bad PR all over now on the net over this mess on tv. I truly believe that $$$$$$ and exposing the doings of mining was the original intent---as we WILL pay for this PR disaster with many new regs and rules--bummer :pukes: John

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It is no accident in my opinion this show portrays miners thus and it is yet another volley at stopping recreational mining as well as professional mining except by "those qualified"

The whole message this show sends will stir up more and more ire from environmentalists that have no real clue about proper mining methods and see this show as "reality"

Turn public against something with propaganda

Begin legislation

Close sensitive areas

Shut it down to anyone without proper permits and government certified training

The clock is ticking...... :aw-shucks:

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