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finding the right location

Paul Ashmore

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I am soon to retire. It is my intention to go to Arizona and find a good spot to file a claim on. How can I know if the spot is right? I don't expect to get rich. It's more thearuputic than anything else. However, I would like the claim to pay expenses. Alse I my or may not have one partner to work with me. What small equipment will I need to start out with? How do I take samples. I'm totally new to this, but due to health reasons plan to work the claim til I die. Any sugggesting and info will be greatly apprecieated.



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Hello Paul and welcome. Your questions are some of the most common here on Bill's forum. My first suggestion is to search the forum's previous posts and archives. When you ask, ask very specific questions. Research known placer gold areas of Arizona near where you want to live. Join a club in that area. After you have a year in the field, then buy a claim.. if you still want one! :thumbsupanim Terry

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