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Live in Lake Havasu and would like to meet up with

anyone who is going to Franconia any time this week so I

can learn from someone with experience.

Mainly I collect rocks but would like to learn about

meteorite hunting.

I know where the exit is but that's all I know.

Thanks :thumbsupanim

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My wife received a Gold Bug 2 for Xmas, so we were out at Franconia yesterday, the 26th.

Weather was almost perfect...a sweat shirt was almost too hot and a tee-shirt was a little cool. What a nice day it was! We hunted from 0830 to 1400 on the Eastern edge of the North side of Franconia. My wife found a nice 50 cal link and I found a nice 50 cal shell. We decided to move in toward the center of the field to check it out as we are mainly doing hasty searches, learning the area. What we learned was the center of this field has really been hunted! Dig holes everywhere. Over turned rocks everywhere. We hunted that area until 1630 and decided it was time to go. Wendy found a nice 30 cal link and I did not find anything. We figure there are still some nice meteorites out there and will be returning soon. We fully understand that what is left out there is going to have to be earned, that's for sure! Wore out from a day of hunting, we decided to call it a day at 1630 hrs and head back home.

We did learn the FRS radios were handy. I'd recommend using MURS or FRS radios to any hunter and FRS as the lower cost investment. Either way, having comms with your team mates is a good thing! We have both types and decided to try the FRS radios for the day. They were okay, and the MURS radios would have been better.

The Sacramento Wash did flow during the storm last week. All of the smaller tributaries flowed that feed the Sacramento Wash. All the flows I would consider minor. We did not need 4 wheel drive to cross the Sacramento. We did not see any other hunters in the field on the North end and only noticed one set of fresh tire tracks when we went in.

When I go to Franconia, I will post on this list. However, I am a student at the subject of hunting meteorites. All standard search methodologies apply! :twocents:



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I believe Bunk and I will be making a trip there after the calender turns we'll let you know so we can meet up.

Thanks - looking forward to it - have my eye on a fisher 75 - what do you think?

Overkill ?

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Unless you're hooked on it I'd be thinking much harder like Gold Bug 2. It would serve you better for a first detector allowing you to get gold and meteorite.

Wayne Holmes is a member of this forum and I believe he has some experience with the f-75 P.M. him and see what you can learn he is an avid meteorite and general detectorist.

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