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I am needing to buy or build a pole with a magnet on it, I have been on some of the Rare earth magnet web sites and im not 100% sure what to buy. Is it possable to buy a magnet that has too much pull? I can only assume that the bigger the magnet the heavier it is to walk around with so again I am assuming that the smaller the magnet and the more pull it has the better of I am? Am I right? about 25 years ago I was out in the middle of the Utah Desert Deer Hunting, I came accross a rock that look strangly out of place, It was black, looked like it had been burnt, and was Very heavy, I would say it was roughly the size of a Cantelope. I picked it up and was going to take it back to the truck but it got too heavy to carry so I stashed it under a bush so I could get it later. Thats been 25 years ago. I believe I can walk to within 50 feet of where I "think" it is but im not sure if it has has dirt covering it or not. Thats why I am asking about the magnet. Thanks any help would be great.

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Well just let your imagination run wild. I use a painters pole, that can collapse for ease of storage with a small quater size diameter REM (rare earth magnet) on it. For the dry lakes, I use that pole and as well as a 5 iron with a 2" x 1/2" REM on it. Some people even use the ones you can extend and are for mechanics to grab bolts and such from automotive stores. You can even use the magnets from old computer hard drives and put one in you pocket to ID suspect rocks. Good luck, Jason ;)

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Hi Spoiler,

If you would like a nice lightweight adjustable Meteorite Hunting Pole with the perfect size (2x1x.25) Neodymium Magnet already professionally attached, Check out these out on Ebay:

Meteorite Hunting Pole

It even comes with a FREE meteorite. ;)

Or you can buy just the magnet here:

My Meteorite Hunting Neodymium Magnet

Dale Romero


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I've got the Walmart pole job, too. One I left normal for general hiking and the other has a 1.5" by 3/8" REM epoxied to the end. For GB in Oct, I brought the plain one and left the hunting one at home... like a big dummy!

The poles are aluminum, very lightweight and collapse nice and small with good adjustment and latches. And they're so cheap, who cares if you mangle, or even lose one. Just get the magnet off the end as it costs more than the pole :)

Those Ebay ones above look just like the Wally World poles with a flashlight holder and claw of some sort at the top.

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Generally, rare earth magnets are rated as N42, N45, N50 and so on. Lower numbers indicate lesser magnetic "pull" for a given size. Using two or more magnets stacked increases their "pull".

I ducttaped a couple of 1" X1/2" N42s onto a wooden hiking staff and it works fine. I found a collapsable aluminum hiking stick in a used sporting goods store, but was out of money at the time. I'll go back this payday and spend the $6.00.

I don't know if you can have too strong a magnet, but be careful with them as they'll pinch and draw blood if you let them catch your skin between two of them.

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