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M/L Dome top Battery Replacement

frank c

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Well this may have been covered before but since I had to perform this procedure on Christmas Eve I thought I'd post it DIRECT from Santa's Workshop Golden Valley AZ.

Here in a few easy steps you can replenish your dometop detector batt for a couple more seasons.

First a stop at True Value hardware for a replacement emergency lighting batt with similar specks as your detector batt. Take old batt with you for them to find a match.

In this photo instruction post I am showing 2 stock style M/L batts and not an replacement emergency batt being used because I had the privilege to loan out my new BOND batt to a friend who was having issues with his batt AND I recieved back his expired battery by mistake as he took my NEW BOND batt apart by mistake to repair his expired one. SSSOOO I called him up to tell him he RETURNED the wrong batt back ( MEATHEAD) and he realized he had taken the wrong one ( my good batt) apart to make his new one. SSSOOO I was able to perform the operation on his bad batt. and use the dome top to repair my original BOND batt.

ALL IS WELL even with his screw up just cost me a little time.

SO here goes a step by step photo instruction on replenishing your factory detector batt.


soldering iron, small hammer....remember (if you can't fix it with a hammer it must be an electrical problem) :hahaha:

nail bar or putty knife

needle nose plier

razor knife

little bit of solder

hair dryer in case you have trouble removing the dome top use a little heat to loosen the glue.

I didn't need it the razor knife did the job.

Break the glue seal all around the perimeter of the batt.with the razor knife

Gently tap the dome top off with the nail bar/puttyknife

DE-Solder the + and - terminals MARK the Positive wire so you get it back on the Pos. Terminal and while you have it apart make

sure the pin connector is tight and aligned the way you want it to attach the power cord.

Use a razor blade to remove old glue from inside dome top case.

RE-Solder the 2 wires

Use hot glue or some type of cement/glue to mount the Positive lead wire junction to top of batt.

Electrical tape up you connectors to insulate them.

Replace dome on batt. and put a seam of hot glue or some type of glue or cement that will allow you to repeat process of disassembling it again in the future

Don't use any type of PERMANENT glue that prevents you from removing it again.

SSSOOO all you cheapskates out there. :inocent: There you have an inexpensive D.I.Y. replacement power pak ready for your detector in the BLINK of an EYE :unsure:

Merry Christmas to all..... and to all a full poke ! :zip-lip:












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Good post Frank...I've had to do that four times in the last 12 years....no sense buying

a new dome top when there's nothing wrong with the one on the dead batt...but instead

of using electrical tape I use shrink tubing you cheap skate!!!

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