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dry washer riffle tray cloth.


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the cloth had coome un attached under the riffles and all of a sudden i dont seem to be getting much fine gold.

so while i was out messing with it clearing tiny pebbles between the cloth and mesh i accidentally put my thumb through the cloth which is very light. i had siliconed a few small holes in the first riffle a while back.

i removed the cloth and i will spray glue the new cloth on.

question i have a piece of fine silk/ will it work and has anyone used silk before.

glass passing over silk creates an electrostatic charge and im hopeing the same applies with rock and dirt

the electrostaticcharge should hold on to the gold better.

the old cloth the drywasher worked at almost 100 percent efficintly /most piles of fines i re ran turned up no gold when i re ran fines. its a keane 151 drywasher.



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Morning Silver,

About 40 years ago I built a small puffer dry washer. At the time I read that a fabric by the name of Indian cloth. I used this at Goler Gulch and the cloth worked like magic. The fines stuck to the cloth like glue because of the electrostatic charge. I added riffles and very little gold escaped. I carefully checked the black sand by panning. Hardly contained any gold.

Might be better materials these days but I haven't checked into it yet, but I will because I plan to either buy or build a washer.

Luck be with you,

Bill C

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Silk will create static electricity if that is what you want to do.

Nytex calendared seive is the material that is the state of the art drywasher cloth. I use a piece of 150um over a piece of 220um and it never clogs in clay and it does not matter if you get it wet or muddy...it just washes right off. It also creates (and holds) a static charge. It has a lot of other good uses in mining and milling as well.


This is the easiest source for Nytex seive material that I have found.

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just a quick up date i got a designer silk scarf for free/ cut it up glued it on and it seems to work fine. it didnt seem to hold much of the fine black sand but it holds the gold/ the ground was wet i was dry washing and the going was very slow/ it still was handier than the sluice. i went out new years day and planned sleeping the night on site but after ward it got bitterly cold and i called it a day.the water flowing over the fine ribbed rubber mat on the sluice started freeing over and in the space of an hour the garden hose i had coming out of the barrell of water froze solid and i couldent get it running again. there was snow still on the ground but at least i got out new years day and got a little colour.post-21318-0-71458100-1294035739_thumb.j


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Went to the wildco website,...the cloth you want is nitex (not nytex). Just did a quick search. Thanks Bedrock Bob.

thanks tfrandy i will have to get some of that cloth.

the silk seemed to work fine but the ground was literally wet and i did get some gold but very little black sand which worries me.

inside at the base of each riffle there was a small bead of silicone flattened into the cloth i guess that was to help hold the black sand and fine gold. i might put the silicone on one or two riffles and see how it does when the ground dries up later in the year. im going to concentrate working with the sluice now.

but the hopper for the keane 151 works great for classifing the material i just let it fill into 5 gallon buckets.

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:thumbsupanim Indian Head cloth is #1 always-John

I think that I posted as a remedy Indian cloth. Maybe the same as Indian Head. This cloth is made from animal furs and is max electrostatic and is tough as hell and passes air just right. You wont be putting fingers through this stuff.

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