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An American Storyteller

Terry Soloman

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From his personal profiles of modern gold prospectors, like Steve - interviewed at Point Bar Access, Colorado; to “The Unknown Prospector,” a homeless veteran prospecting at Lynx Creek, Arizona, "Notorious" Kelly illustrates the world we live in with sound and sight, then humanizes it with his own insights.

Whether in the snow-covered mountains of New Mexico - north of Pinos Altos, or just standing outside his truck - the “Covert Camper” - at dawn west of Quartzsite listening to the big rigs run down I-10 in the distance, hanging with Kelly is manna from Heaven for the adventurous soul!

Spend 10-minutes with Kelly in the mountains of Idaho, as he sits down for a “Lonesome Dinner,” at his campfire in the snow. You can feel the cold, smell the fire, and taste the sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet irony of just being “all by yourself.” Take a bumpy, teeth chattering ride in the Covert Camper over Jeep trails and washes in the desert outside Quartzsite, and don’t forget to check out the dog and cat fights - or my favorite, Kelly’s Truck Stop New Year’s Eve Blowout!

I honestly thought I could never be interested in watching a video journal like Kelly’s. I was wrong. Do yourself a favor, and visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/notoriouskelly

Big Nuggets, and God Bless America! - Terry

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Terry, I for one was skeptical when Kelly showed up on the forums I am now a" Konvert". We had Kelly for thanksgiving dinner, most of which he furnished, I managed to take him out to Monarch Wash and strand him at noon, but we where soon rescued. Kelley is a very interesting person and has big brass ones.


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Getting to meet him at GB was pretty cool. And then watching his recounting of a year in the Kovert kamper was very interesting.

Someone should buy the movie rights! I'd pay $8 for that.

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