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Darrel Nelson from reno prospectors Supply shop has passed on


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Darrel Nelson from reno prospectors Supply shop has passed on

many of us over the last 25 years have had the pleasure of visiting reno prospector supply

enjoyed the free coffee & the bs visiting with Darrell & Jennifer & have gotten our prospecting gear there

he was my friend & will be dearly missed

he was a great asset in mining & helped many miners in his 25 years of being open

he leaves Jennifer & his son Darren

ill see you in the big dig my friend





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I'm so sorry to hear of Darrel's passing.

I used to go to his shop just to see what's up and shoot the schmidt.

I'm impressed with Jen too, don't underestimate that girl, she knows

more than you'd expect. (and maybe more than you!)

They were always friendly and eggar to help.

I'll miss ya Darrel.

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Walt,Steve and all,

My condolences as well. The passing of friends reminds us all

how precious our time together here is and how silly most of

our differences are.

Best wishes to Jen too, these cool people almost always have

wonderful partners too, I hope she is surrounded with the

many friends they surely have made over the years.


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Said my goodbys to Darrell in July at the store. It was murder seing him lying there on that gurney so ruined he couldn't even raise his head. 26 years a knowing ol' Darrel and it wasn't enough. Sooo off to that glory hole in the sky and we are greatly diminished by his passing-John Oates

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