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Two hours of cleaning/panning samples

David Wiseman

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thHPIM6459.jpg half asleep and worn out after two hours of scrubbing,rubbing clay off quartz and panning it out.The rock on the ground and in the buckets may contain an ounce after crushing.

64976512.jpg..little rough pieces of gold and mucho color,about two dwt...crushing the 200lbs.of quartz produced nearly half an ounce..way below my estimate.

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Dave nice to see you hit a good little vien,Or was it tailings sorted.I hope it goes down it to a poket for you.You know as well as I,That there are stringers still out there ,Missed by the old timers in Calaveras County. I wish the Cunnioes,s and Oniettio families.

would let me in on there land, They wont let antone one on there properties as They are saving it for family,In case of hard times in the future, Not a bad bank they have there .Have a Merry Christmas.

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Yeah Denny,access is still the big problem..this stuff is mostly from Amador county and some from Calaveras.The above mentioned father and son team up now and then and bring the quartz samples from their claim to my house where I clean it up and pan it out.Doing it this way saves the small rough pieces and bigger quartz species.Later it's crushed in a bigger version of the Keene mill at my mining engineer friend Bart Hanford's mining site....Lucky,it's still out there and basically no one does hard rock on a small scale,so no competition..But as mentioned above finding new spots is tough with lot's of the BLM ground in these counties being landlocked.

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