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Santa's comming

Allen in MT

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Hi Allen


That's a great job you did there, Thanks for the picture

we all know there was a lot of effort put into finding

and arranging.

Holiday Cheers


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G'Day Allen, Bill, and Everyone

Merry, Merry Christmas!!

Be safe. And enjoy your family. It's been a wonderful year getting to know and getting closer to those on Nugget Shooters. Thank you Bill for hosting a great community for the gathering of friends and they are truly a magnificent group.

It would be so great to get everyone together to actually see, shake hands, bullcrap. But I'm afraid we're not at that stage of teleportation yet. But let us not forget those that are not able be close to family especially the military, not just here in the US but other countries too that are helping to keep us safe.


After you watch this, there's more to come below

But back to us simple folk. I think a lot of you will enjoy this. After you watch it, scroll down.


He died in 1977... she was born in 1966...

An incredibly well done video... it's hard to believe that it's not for real.

This (digital) meeting between Elvis Presley &Martina McBride, is 40 years apart.

Elvis portion was done in 1968 and Martina in 2008.

Cheers to All!

Johnno and Kat ........ Peace

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