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Gold Rush & Chinese personal weapon

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Hello folks, have not posted in a while but while hunting for the ellusive gold I located a Chinese miners camp. Lots of opium cans and such, but what got me real excited was this broken blade I found. I knew it had to go to either a short soward or dagger type weapon. Well not being able to find the other end to this blade I went home with a few relics not worth mentioning. the next day my buddy came by and handed me a zip lock bag with the handle that went to the blade I found.Nice little blade the China-man had ! :brows:




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That is awesome! The history of the West is widely known, and widely unknown. There are always secrets and things to find out there, and to hold a piece of history in your hands and imagine who, what, where, when... That is truely a unique and wonderful experience.

Thanks for the pictures.


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