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We would like to plan a trip to LSD sometime soon.

Are there any clubs to join that have claims? Open BLM land?

Nearby dry or hookup camping?

Thanks in advance,

Patrick (Wendy & Dog) in Havasu.....

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Most of the RV parks in this part of Arizona are private, although the Hassayampa River Preserve is owned and operated by the Nature Conservancy. Much of the state land in Arizona is owned by the Bureau of Land Management, so visitors to both types of parks have easy access to public lands for all kinds of recreation as long as the necessary permits are obtained from the BLM. The Desert Cypress Mobile/RV Park limits its guests to people over age 55.

Liberty Haven Ranch is a mobile home and RV park in Wickenburg where you can bring your horse and board it while you park your RV. If you bring camping gear, you can ride horses into the desert to dry camp at Lake Pleasant Regional Park or on BLM land with a permit.


The RV parks near Morristown provide convenient amenities like showers, restrooms, clubhouses with TV rooms and small libraries. The Horspitality RV Park has phone lines to the sites, provides wireless Internet services and has a laundry on location.

Desert Cypress has a heated swimming pool and provides RV or ATV parking on location. The recreation room has DSL and wireless Internet along with a kitchen, reading room and a large TV. Liberty Haven has a heated swimming pool and Wi-Fi hot spots.

The land around each of these RV parks offers abundant resources for short or long hikes or bike rides. Nearby Surprise and Sun City West have many golf courses open for public play all year.


The Sonoran Desert is a popular place for visitors to spend the winter because the temperatures are mild. Reservations are a must at these RV parks. During the late fall, winter and early spring, the area's golf courses may be at full capacity, and you should make tee time reservations as well.

There is also a ESCAPEES rv park near Congress, AZ. that is call North Ranch.

The GPAA and Roadrunner Prospecting Club have lots of claims in the LSD area. I have seen various RV's camp out there also. Depending on your ground clearance, will depend just how far you want to get off the maindirt roads. This is where a second mode of transports really come in handy, a Jeep, or quad can get you into the claims, leaving your RV's set up nearer the road.

More Au to you, Robert

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Doesn't bill do something like this? Or am I mistaken (highly likely LOL)

The only real camps with hookups "nearby" are probably in Wickenburg or at Lake Pleasant. i don't personally know of any dry camps, specifically, but both locations should offer these, too.

Going in to LSD there isn't much place to set up without working to get there. I've seen rigs in there, and always puzzle how they did it.

There may be something further up on Castle Hot Springs Rd, but I've never ventured past the turn off to the southern area of LSD.

As mentioned, GPAA, Road Runners and AZA have claims in the area and there is a lot of open land, too, towards the North. Most of the southern area is claimed up, both placer/lode and patent.

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I run a RV park 6 miles from LSD called Desert Oasis 623-388-0229 25.00 a night, 75 per week +ele, 192.60 a month +ele, and I think the best club for this area and AZ is Roadrunners.

There are also places to dry camp at LSD...

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O.K., ya got me trippin' now. :eee: :spinnin: :wacko:

I know what I mean when I say L. S. D.,

what do you mean?

I figured it out that it's a place in Azirona, what is it? :???:

LSD Little San Damingo

Bills place is the best price around, last year I stayed for 2 months.

Allen in MT

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Whew,.... :rolleyes:

The places a mind can go when unattended. :zapped:

Thanks Steel Pan,

I just came out of the void as I was pondering the ramifications of an unattended mind. I had a vision! I want to spend some time at Bill's place, my wife is a trooper, she'll go for it. Problem is I don't have an RV.

Anybody know where I can rent, buy or steal something like a pop-up trailer? Doesn't need to be extravagant. Something in the realm of inexpensive.

Bill C

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Good morning everyone.

I want to thank all of you for your advice and expertise.

It's not often a guy can get such info from strangers.

I think it just shows what a great group of people prospectors are. I'm glad I can call myself one of you.

Patrick in Havasu.....

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Thanks Glenn,

I'll give it a go, My wife and I are thinking of spending spring and summer and fall on the road visiting gold and hiking country, Arizona, Nevada, California and Oregon. Hope to give Bill's place a go before then for a try of your info.

bill C

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Robert , Man thats quite a travelogue of Wickenburg, Iv'e lived around here off and on, Stanton ,North Ranch, Morristown since 1982 and I didn't know all that!

I live on "Old Stone House Ranch" next to Liberty Haven Ranch and I didn't know it was an R/V park. My land lord keeps a few spots for his horse boarding friends, I some times slip a prospector in to one of them, short term R/V parking is at a shortage in Morristown it self but it also has Cactus Ranch, its probably the largest around outside of Wickenburg, its about half permanent and half snowbird and most of the snowbirds are prospectors,Bill's place is about the same I think.

Rental R/Vs are some times available on some of the ranches around here but the Canadians will pay a premium rate for a 90 day rental thats furnished, usually double.

If you camp out on the claims try to camp close to other campers, people have been ripped of, its rare but I happens, remember you may be under observation from a distance and thief's know how to communicate.

Good Luck

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