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age restrictions on metal detector

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hello i have been trying to sell a metal detector for a couple of years and when im in a nice group of like minded gold hunters they get all excited about it until i tell them that it is only on the second set of batteries and it is more than 9 years old they get all nervous about the age and say its to old and it wont last... Is there a time limit on electronic machines it has been stored most of the time in an air conditioned house and in the dark in the closet How can it go bad or do they i sent an email to the manufacturer and they said it is guaranteed for life to the original purchaser . So then I'm wondering if some people are just guessing about the expected life of a metal detector

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Grumpy dog,

I just bought a used metal detector (Tesoro Conquistador uMax)for hunts(its lite & eight years old). I expect it to get 20+ more years out of it.

If a metal detector has been taken care of: stored in a dry cool clean envirement, not thrown around or gotten wet (rain or dunked), not been abused by kids, been wiped down & batteries removed so as not to leak........................

There good for a long time. . . . . Many times you get more bang for your buck by getting a used machine that has more feachers than a new machine.

I dought the replacement for the one I bought gets 1/2 inch more depth than mine.

Let the machine sell itself (clean, few scratches, works good). Who cares how many batteries have gone through it.


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:thumbsupanim Brand/mfg is the answer to your dilema. Tesoro just did a 100% complete rebuild of new coils,covers,pots,switches,cables,armrests EVERYTHING on my antique 1985 Golden Sabre (first notch coin shooter technology) and FOR FREE so manufacturer is the key. Old technology such as TR is GREAT for hardrock ID and mine works as the ability to ID metal/mineral is great AND you can also reverse discriminate also for even more versatility. Nuttn' wrong with some older units --just operators with limited knowledge :whoope: John
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