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I would like to share a tip on saveing your Coil covers. I tend to go through three or four covers a year due to my scrubbing it on the groung as much as possible. It tends to rub through at the outer edge where the lip is. Well I started to put plastic epoxy on the wear areas when new and build it up so this will be a little stronger than the cover itself and adding more as it wears. This has helped a lot and much cheaper then spending $25.00 or $30.00 a shoot for a cover. I hope this helps.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. May your scoop be filled with GOLD.



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Good tip, Gary....That's a beautiful speci ... Glad to see you posting again...Kinda a long time ago ... Did you head back east for the summer or? ... I don't hunt much or at all out there these days, but mayhaps I'll take a wild hair and go out for a day... Did you guys ever check out that vein? Cheers, Ron

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11" Round Coil Cover

Price $22.94

List Price: $28.69

You Save: $5.75

I use a 17" NF Advantage which I got for $25.00 each with a discount

One reason I don't post that often is replys like the one from john.

A few years ago I bought some from Bill he gave me a discount and still I paid $20.00 each so john if you know a cheaper place to get them I would like to know.

Now Call Bill dishonest.

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