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Hi Joy,

Depends on what type of meteorite your coil goes over. I guess you're talking about a detector with a digital display for each element. Though I have only seen one that gives a different numerical value for nickel as opposed to iron, it didn't really matter, because most of the time it would ID nickel as iron anyway, and had no depth at all. Most of the meteorites that have landed on this planet are chondrites (stony meteorites) with a maximum of 7 percent nickel/iron, so since the nickel is mixed with iron anyway, it means that out in the field, you'd be watching for iron. If you were only watching for nickel, you'd only find American 5 cent pieces, and Canadian "loonies", not chondrites. Also, if you tried to tune out pesky hot-rocks (iron mineralization), you'd tune out all chondrites. Do NOT approach hunting meteorites like a coin-hunter, or relic-hunter. Dig all iron targets, DON'T use auto-ground balance, and remember that it doesn't matter that you respond to hot-rocks. It only matters that THE SOUND of the meteorites, is DIFFERENT FROM those hot-rocks. Learn to trust your ears!

Good Hunting, Ben

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Aloha southern heart,

One thing you really should get is a small specimen of a "real" meteorite so you can use it to "tune your ears" to the sound of a meteorite versus something else. the smaller the better. Lay the meteorite specimen and several other items several feet apart and go for it. You will notice a definite difference in the sounds of the items in question. Once you get your ears "tuned" to the sound of a meteorite. Maske sure you take along the throw down and during your hunt throw it down every several minutes to "retune" your ears. It may sound strange but your brain will "teach" your ears to catch that special sound, then VOILA!!!!

Remember to bring along a bag to carry all your finds.:inocent:

Good luck and remember to swing "low and slow".:thumbsupanim

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Ka'imi

PS:: You should also provide us with the type and model of detector you will be using so we can provide you with further tips.

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Thanks for the great ideas. Now just to get ahold of a real meteorite so I can train my ears. :)

The MD that I have is a Delta 4000.

The problem I am having on my land is that it use to be part of a ranch and I now have 7 acres of it and I am always picking up barbed wire and baling wire on my MD. I have learned the sounds of them really good.

I really started looking for musket balls and canon balls as this area is full of history. With all the wire, its hard to figuire it out. I have a musket ball but the wire pretty much sounds like the ball. Humm!

Then I had made a post about a could be meteorite and although I haven't sent it off to have it checked out, it could be Basalt, Now that has me wondering as how the heck Basalt would be here. I keep finding bits and pieces scattered about. I checked online and can't find any basalt in my area. So I will send it off just to see what the heck it really is after Christmas as I don't want it to get lost in the Christmas rush mail.

Thank you so much for you thoughfulness and your ideas. I am open to any help that anyone can give me. :)


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Joy...i am just guessing...but it sounds like you are in an automatic-tune all-metal mode...that would make discerning the difference hard to impossible. You should hear a different signal in discriminate mode...depending on the built-in level of descrimination some iron should be eliminated...try the lowest descrimiation setting available and keep the coil a few inches away from the objects...lay various coins, nails, wire, musket ball and gold and silver jewellery on the ground where there are no other metal objects...if you have not read your manual, do so now before you try anything else...follow the directions point by point and give us an update...

perhaps there is a detector club near you??? Also go to Finds Treasure Forums and see if there is aforum for your detector, if not, try one of the others...

good luck


PS...basalt can travel in many ways depending on the geologic history of your area...

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It would of help to others to know what general area/state of the country you're in when they're giving advice, it will let them be able to tell you what has been found in your area, which in turn will help them to advise you on what to look for when you're detecting.


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Well I went MDing and I found alot of can tabs and beer cans. Not really worth digging for, but I did just to get the idea as to what to do! ;) But I did fine a spent led bullet, I think its a 22,doesn't look like it hit anything as its not dinged up. Also a 1995 nickel.

Then I found this rock. Interesting as my MD screamed when I passed over it. I couldn't figure out why but I had my trusty lil magnet in my pocket and the magnet stuck to it. (Picture below) however it holds tight to 3 sides and weaker on the other. Not sure what it is but interesting none the less. I will have to put a window on it to see whats there. At least I am learning and getting out there and walking.

The little silver thing on the rock is my mini magnet... :)

Yawl have a nice day



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