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Air tested fine gold yesterday, I LIKED the result.


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Howdy again,

When I first got my Mxt, I ran up into the Garnet area, scouting.

I bumped into a claim owner ,that had a jar with quite a bit of fine gold, and he wanted to see how my Mxt


I didnt have the "EDGE" book yet, and I really didnt know that much about my detector.

Anyhow , it didnt respond at all.

That sorta stuck with me, I never thought twice about it.

but lately Ive been reading that alot of people "Air test" to get to know theyre machine.

So I figured , I'd start doing just that.

And yesterday, I pulled out a vial, with just a few specks of fine gold.

The largest being about as big as a comma > , < but its a roller, (it'll roll around the pan)

And I'll be , now , a year later, after learning my machine a bit more

It will definitely sound off in Hyper SAT, with the ground locked at 83vdi/ the gold speck coming in at 0 to 4 vdi

I'm pretty excited about my machine again.

I decided , I have to do alot of air tests, to learn how to balance everything, i.e. Gain, SAT, threshold etc.

So I'll be able to adjust ,in the field to the ground I'm in.

But at least, Wooohoo, I can actually see the posibilties.

Thanks for readin ,


P.S. Think that spammer will be on this post today?

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The guys name at the DeerLodge shop is John Berryman, he usually closes for the winter and works a different job.

Doing an air test is somewhat ok but don't rely on it, the gold actually being in the matrix is alot different than doing air test.

I have taken a full ounce of flour gold in a bottle and will not get a signal (no Densisty) and then taken pin head size and gotten a signal.

Do you have the little 6" coil for the MXT?? that would be your best bet for the small tiny gold, then there re a few variables like is the ground bone dry, how mineralized is the soil and how deep is the targets.

As with any machine it is probably 20% machine and 80% operator. just hang in there and keep trying.

Allen in MT

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