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What is it?


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Every day I stare at this thing and cannot figure it out.

I found it with my Lobo ST about 6-8 inches down and gave a big, clear signal. It was about 10ft to the side of a narrow, eroded road that had a buried,3in, iron pipeline.

It is about 1/8 thick at the edge and about 3/16 at the middle, dark gray with a fine granular texture. It is dense and, as a guesstimate, about the weight and size of a 50cent piece. I broke a small piece off of the edge. The broken edge was ragged with the feel of coarse grit sandpaper. Scraping the top, bottom and edge produced a bright copper color. From the worn condition it looks like its been there for awhile. This is a remote area with very few man made things.

I'm thinking man made like a slag used to join pipe sections but most pipes are threaded joints. Also, the color is not brass as used in brassing.

I tried various backgrounds and exposures but that is the best photo I could get.

I need help to stop thinking about this. Probably a simple answer that escapes me.


Bill C


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Seems like the camera is focusing on the floor, try laying it on graph paper or something. Then use your email program to resize it, if you cant change the camera settings.

I've tried shooting with several backgrounds with indoor light and flash. I'll try with natural light the first time I'm home when the sun is shining. I'm usually out diggin' dirt.

The camera I'm using is a point and shoot. Photography is a mystery to me and if this camera has adjustable settings...that's way above my pay grade. but I'll try.

I'm going to find out what this is or I'm going to Gold Basin and bury it so someone else can find it. Let them figure on it for awhile.

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This thing has been identified by a mining shop as a piece of smelter slag, mostly copper with some gold. Now unless there is a contrary opinion I can stop thinking about it(I hope) and not bury it in Gold Basin and let someone else think about it.

Bill C

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