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Besides u-tube, does anyone have a movie, or pictures of a portable setup, for using a Bill Fisher ,or any small type of trommel.. kind of puzzled as to how to set up.for recycling the water.. Pictures sure would help.. THANKS !

Here you go. I know its a YouTube but it was all I could find right now, I will look for more.



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Thanks Bunk. What I'm really looking for is how the water reservoirs are set up.. Can't seem to get it right; losing too much water. Still in a learning mood.

Hey Jerry,

Could you use tarps or rolled plastic? Might be able to at least slow down your loss. Where you located?


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That would probably work,but might have to replace often. I could just leave in a depression,filled with water, and use daily.If the chukars and quail won't be too thirsty, that might work out real good. Good idea ; I will try the heavy plastic . I am located near Randsburg, Ca., and have access to heavy waterbed liners. Thanks !.. Never would have thought of that...

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i use a 55 gallon barrell cut in half and i use window screen mesh to help filter out some of the debris from getting into your water source.

it has to be emptied every few minutes the sand out of the screen.

if im digging in clay i will have to empty out the half barrell every now and again as it half fills with clay.

i find when the water gets very dirty, the muddy water will tend to carry the fine gold out of the sluice.

i work a lot of ground in which the clay is stuck to small rocks and pebbles and of course gold tends to be caught up in the clay.

i hope to build a tromell some time that will help break up balls of clay and help clean the pay dirt off the rocks.

the fine dirt screened down to three eighth punch plate formed into a tromell drun will drop down a chute and into my keane 151 drywasher.i find the hot air from the keane engine helps great in drying the damp dirt.

the same tromell set up i will have plumbing set up for water and it will just be a matter of swapping out dry washer with a river sluice.

the barell probably will have to be buried some to get it low enough to get sluice to flow into it/ what about slicing the barrell length ways which would give a lot more room for shovelling the mud out.

just running a 5 foot river sluice with re circulating pump i usually use a minimum of 100 gallons of water in about a day and a half and thats been very conservative with the water.

i have been avoiding using the sluice except for running the dry washer fines through it/ i find the dry washer i can process a lot more material than i could with the sluice. down side is dragging a large drywasher and sluice down to and along rough terrain in the washes. i wish i had an atv and small trailor in which i could carry the drywasher and engine/ the tromell one would have to carry water also.

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