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My Detector, is it a decent Nugget shooter?


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Howdy All,

I am new here , but heres a question , that I've been pondering.

A year and a half ago, I started researching detectors.

I was looking for a detector to fit my needs and wants . (At that time)

I figured, realistically, I would use a detector for;

Relics- 50% of the time

Coins - 30% of the time


Prospecting 20% of the time

I chose , through research , a Whites MXT and a 6x10 DD, as my entry level Detector.with the book "The Edge"

It has the Prosp. mode, and was based off of the GMT.

Anyhow, I didnt use the Prosp. mode very much this past year, actually.

And actually, My original plan was to use it to find heavy mineralized sands, and run them through the Sluice.

It didnt work out that way.

So,, I started posting on numerous forums , with the title, "Anyone use an MXT for Gold Prospecting?"

Dang, No replys.

One feller said the MXT had 80% of the capabilities of the GMT..thatss all I got for feedback really.

I know theres a better gold machine in my future , someday , but not too soon,

But for now, as my learning machine, whats the census? on my MXT?

LOL, you know I want to hear all good stuff!

But the truth is what I need.

Am I wasting time trying to Prospect with my MXT?

Thanks for your time,

All insight will be greatly apreciatted.


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I think your trouble getting an answer may be the fact that you are asking a loaded question. It is like asking "Which is the better family car, a Chevy or a Ford?".

The fact is that your detector makes less difference in your sucess than the spot you are in. You can use the best PI in the world and spend a month gridding barren ground and get ZIP. But you can use a Radio Shack Special and go to a rich placer and find nuggets every hour.

I dont know anything about the MXT, but I have used an old Whites GMII for years and have found good gold with it. My spin is that any machine that can find relics and has a discrimination mode is not a great prospecting machine. A specialized "all metal" machine will be much more efective in the gold fields. But that just means things will be slower and you must be more careful.

ANY detector teaches you technique and patience. This is also more important than the type of detector you use. So wear the MXT out and put a million hours on it. Learn the "sweet spot" for ground balance and sensitivity and develop your swing technique and coverage.

Gold prospecting is difficult and the learning curve is steep. You can go into a great patch on your first day and find a nugget right off, but this will not teach you a thing. It is all those hours skunked that seasons you and teaches you the ropes. And sooner or later you will be looking in new areas and "cold hunting". If you are not confident with your skills and knowledgeable about the area all the high tech equipment in the world wont put a nugget in your pocket.

Now, with that said, once your learning curve tapers off the type of machine you use means EVERYHING. Technology is what seperates the sheep from the goats when a bunch of experienced prospectors are hunting a placer. But the foundational skills are stand alone factors in your success, the quality of the ground is a stand alone factor, and then the quality of your machine as well.

So the MXT is as good as you are and probably as good as the ground you are hunting at this point.

I hope this answers your question or at least provokes some more questions.

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Welcome to the forum Dusty.

Your question is somewhat of a loading statement. That being said, Is the MXT a good all around detector? The easy answer is yes. It is a very good starter detector. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the VLF style detectors, but most are together in opinion when it comes to PI units.

My old hard rock partner use an MXT and has done very well with it. As with any type of detector, patience, practice, and more practice a long with more patience is what is needed to find gold. Just make sure your in a good area that's known for gold and join a club. In a club you will find good claims to work and a bunch of friendly people who are very willing to help you get over your first nugget.


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Thanks , for the input, You all.

I do agree, I need to "learn" and practice, practice , practice, is what its going to take.

And I do have a good machine to start with.

i just got a little worried , as I hadnt seen anyone talking about actually using my model.

but , like I said , I bet theres a Gold specific machine in my future.

I think I better prove , to my better half , that its possible "FOR US" to find gold with a MD er.


Thanks again

Happy prospecting,


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I have an MXT. I'm new to detecting but i can tell you it is a fine machine. I can hit tiny targets deep. If you crank your gain to max (+3) in prospect mode with very low SAT you can find lead birdshot down about 4-6" in highly mineralized soil! Whats more if you dig all targets and learn the sounds, you can tell the difference between a piece of lead birdshot and an iron BB. Now i haven't found any gold yet except my practice flake, but i am supremely confident that if i get my 6x10 DD coil over a piece that isn't too deep I'll find it. I have absolutely ZERO buyers remorse and am quite proud of this machine. Granted all i have found is junk, but i can find tiny pieces buried deep and in short order have learned the different sounds different metals make. Go do some diggin! -sport

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