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Howdy, from Montana


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Howdy All,

I am new to the site.

I live in Montana, and am sort of new to detecting.

I have been an avid rockhound forever it seems. And, I've spent some time prospecting.

One of my favorite memories , was when I was rockman, for a buddy , for 2 months.

We were 18 feet under water, using an 8 inch dredge. I'll never forget , watching him slowly uncover a stringer,

on bedrock, and exposing ,what turned out to be a 1 1/4 oz Nugget ! My biggest Nugget , being 2nd in the split, was a 3/4 oz nug.

That was back when gold was in the $300. range

Nowadays, I Rockhound ALOT, I Metal Detect a bit, and Prospect a little less than I should.

Thats all based on how much interest our 2 kids have in above mentioned hobbies. .

I plan on spending more time Nugget shooting next year, as the teen girl is getting busy with her life,

and the 8 yr old boy, well, he's game for anything still.

I try to take advantage of that , before he (grows up) and gets (girls )in his head. LOL

Well, thanks for readin,

This looks like the site I have been looking for.

I found it , as a link , on ," thebeepgoeson" site

Thanks Again,


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WOW, gold season starts in SEPT and ends in June ? i checked out the AGA

Dang, it'll be june before my favorite spot melts off.

Howdy Allen,

I'm down in Butte,

I have been to Kalispell a number of times, as I lived in Troy for 7 years .

Nice to meet another Montana'n.

You ever get down around the Phillipsburg or Garnet country? it seems those are the claimed up areas.

I tend to run around the Warm springs crk/Cable mtn area. Theres alot of good areas down here it seems, and quite a bit of open ground.

Thanks for the welcoming,


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Glad to have your voice added to what we all love to talk about. There are a gazillion posts and threads on this forum. Should keep you occupied for a bit. Welcome and enjoy it all.

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