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Does anybody know anything about this operation in Gold Basin?

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While down in Gold Basin today we were run off, by someone named Drew, that said he was working for a mining operation, that is down by the Lake Mead Fence!

They have a pumping station there on the right side right before you go into the park, the new mine they are working is on the right side heading into the park, maybe a ¼ to ½ mile back up on the hill in back of King Tut Mt.

Does anybody know anything about this operation? He also said that most of that property down there is private property and claimed.

He seemed like a nice guy, and I am not going to every give anybody a hard time if they say they have a claim to anything! So we left, and went back over by the back side of Dahlia and Albacore St. on the west side, we didn't find anything!

So here is my question to everybody are they closing down the open areas you can hunt out there now, if you don't want to give out information as to were you hunt, please let us know any place that you can't hunt out there now! This is the first time we ever ran into any problems out there!

The area that Drew came over and talked to us at was at N35 54.436' W114 10.409'

The new mine that they were working is somewhere around N35 52.350 W114 07.132' I think just a guess on the location!

Thanks Rick

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Hey Rick,

Ruby and I are mapping Gold Basin including the land ownership and claims.

The coordinates and location description you give are on private land. The whole section (29N 18W Section 13) is an old railroad grant from 1924, it's private patented land with mineral rights. The mine up on the hill to the southeast is the Bluebird lode claim (active). I have heard some of the claims back there are going to be developed.

There may be some open land nearby but "Drew" was right that where you were is not open to prospecting or entry.

Hope that helps.



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