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Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anybody knows of any prospecting clubs that have claims in the Yuma area. I've just joined the SPMA, so their claims should keep me busy for awhile. I also called the South West Treasure Hunters Club, and was informed that they don't have any claims. Any help would be appreciated!

- Lunk -

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Lunk, Welcome to the forum, my computer has been puking for 2 days but I can help you out.

Yuma only has one club or did when I moved from there in"08 and one prospecting shop which may still be open.

If you do the LR-2000 search you will soon see that most of the claims all belong to one extended family.

The club has borrowed claims,Jay Overlander in the president and they open it to new members in December so you better husle, he is in the phone book.

Notoriuos Kelley is in the Yuma are right now , put some contact info in your profile and maybe he will see this and contact you, there are several other prospectors in the area, as I said if you put some contact info in your posts and profile people can contact you if they wish.

The SPMA is a very good club, although I am not active it it I have some very good friends who are active.

At one time if you where a member you where also an automatic member of from the GPAA , I have a certificate

from them amaking me a two times life member of the GPAA, that and a $1.75 will get you a coffee.

I,ll be down there later in the winter prospecting and visiting.

Good Luck

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