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Weaver Creek Rich Hill area


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Hey All

I'm still alive :thumbsupanim My uncle's going to be camping over by Rich Hill for a week or so and thought I need to get out. If the water running in Weaver Creek I might break out the old dredge if I could be so lucky that the water is running. Well thanks if anyone can give me a heads up.


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Hey Kim,

Sorry, no water out that way. I am hoping the dry weather holds until the first of the year so I can get some drywashing in.


Howdy bunk and Kim,

I was out that way yesterday about 2 miles north of Rich Hill just a stones throw above Antelope Creek. The surface is a dry as a popcorn fart. Don't expect to find water there.

I have permission to work on this Patented 20ac claim. The area has old river gravel, alluvial quartz with hematite scattered on red clay. I used my Lobo Detector for about an hour with no success. There is no bedrock showing and I don't know how deep the overburden is. The hot rocks were difficult to deal with.

As far as dry washing, this area anyway, the ground is moist an inch or so down.

Bunk, I have a request regarding dry washers that I will send yo you with a personal msg.

Bill C

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