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Gold Basin on 12-4-10

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CHOPPY WATER, (seas3to5) might see you out there I'm spending some time giving a lesson to a couple newbies saturday. Good Luck to you, ME I don't need it anymore I found my "perfect" machine, I only ask for luck on the poker tables now. :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha:

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Aloha Rick,

Was also planning on going to GB but friends from Hawaii flew in this morning without notice. May try to get out there on sunday to try out my sd2200. Hopefully I wont screw it up too bad. Anyone with a sd2200 willing to give me a helping hand on sunday just chime in right away. If not I will be out there in my bule jeep. You should be able to hear me muttering really loud out there.:zapped:


Stan aka Ka'imi

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While down in Gold Basin today we were run off, b y someone named Drew, that said he was working for a mining operation, that is down by the Lake Mead Fence!

They have a pumping station there on the right side right before you go into the park, the new mine they are working is on the right side heading into the park, maybe a ¼ to ½ mile back up on the hill in back of King Tut Mt.

Does anybody know anything about this operation? He also said that most of that property down there is private property and claimed.

He seemed like a nice guy, and I am not going to every give anybody a hard time if they say they have a claim to anything! So we left, and went back over by the the back side of Dahlia and Albacore St. on the west side, we didn't find anything!

So here is my question to everybody are they closing down the open areas you can hunt out there now, if you don't want to give out information as to were you hunt, please let us know any place that you can't hunt out there now! This is the first time we ever ran into any problems out there!

The area that Drew came over and talked to us at was at N35 54.436' W114 10.409'

The new mine that they were working is somewhere around N35 52.350 W114 07.132' I think just a guess on the location!

Thanks Rick

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I've never been run off anywhere in the basin and I've hunted all over. Did you see any claim markers in the area you ran into him ???

Maybe some one will chime in about this that has more knowledge of it.

Where you in a white jeep wagon ????

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Hey Rick,

Ruby and I are mapping Gold Basin including the land ownership and claims.

The coordinates and location description you give are on private land. The whole section (29N 18W Section 13) is an old railroad grant from 1924, it's private patented land with mineral rights. The mine up on the hill to the southeast is the Bluebird lode claim (active). I have heard rumors some of the claims back there are going to be developed.

There may be some open land nearby but "Drew" was right that where you were is not open to prospecting or entry.

Hope that helps.



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This is why some were in the same situation a few years ago. If you do not do the research on the area you plan to hunt, you ruin the hunt for everyone. Gray is off limits without permission!!!! and Green is BLM !!! And the BLM LR 2000 is where to look for claims. Claims can be and are on a portion of the BLM lands.

I guess some do not know about the arrests of two of our hunters. A good rule of thumb. (If you don't know. Don't go.)



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Thanks Guys

This is a new mining operation, and as I said Drew was nice about it, and we did get to pump him for some information about gold basin, he told us that he has been working there now for about 12 years prospecting, and lives there!

Yes we did see a new claim marker when we were leaving but miss it driving in. He said the land was private, I have never saw a claim marker there before, but now with the price of gold, I think we are going to see a lot more claim markers popping up!

Frank I have a Silver Grand Cherokee with a custom paint job, eagle with a ribbon on the sides, hell of a thing to run through the desert, but wife likes custom paint jobs, on what she drives!

Thanks for the map Wayne that will help everybody out!

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